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2022 Mercedes-Benz C-Class launched in India on May 10, reservations open

Your wait for the new Mercedez-Benz C-Class is over as you can finally reserve the sedan for a fee of Rs 50,000 between April 13-30, if you are an existing Mercedes-Benz customer. Otherwise, nothing to worry about since you can also reserve the car after May 1 even if you are not already a customer of the German premium car brand.

The auto giant said the next-generation C-Class sedan will be launched in India on May 10 and sold through Mercedes-Benz India’s franchise partner network and Mercedes-Benz India online store. The W206 C-Class made its world debut last year and now shares a lot of design and technology with the S-Class.

With around 37,000 units delivered in India, the sedan has been a big seller for the German brand. The C200 petrol and C220d and C300d diesel models will be available soon. The C-Class retains its traditional exterior proportions, but has had design changes throughout, including large “power bulges” on the hood and a reworked greenhouse that’s been moved rearward slightly to give the appearance of a an aft cabin design.

According to Mercedes, creases and character lines have been kept to a minimum in order to emphasize the line of the shoulders. The wheelbase of the new sedan has been widened by 25mm to 2,856mm, while the overall length has been increased by 65mm. Of course, the extra length will mean more space in the cabin.

Martin Schwenk, Managing Director and CEO of Mercedes-Benz India, said: “The C-Class is a core product in our lineup, and it will help us expand our line of luxury sedans even further. Devoted C-Class buyers have chosen the automobile with each new generation due to its greater comfort, technological capabilities and developing design. The new C-Class now sets a new benchmark by excelling in design, comfort and technology offerings, coming closer to the new S-Class, rightly highlighting its popularity as a Baby S-Class.

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