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2023 Ford Transits eligible for $6,000 price reduction on unbuilt orders

Supply chain issues forced Ford to offer customers a whopping $6,000 price adjustment on 2023 Transit minivans. According to bulletins sent to dealers this week, the private Transit Transition customer satisfaction offer is offering a deep discount to those with a qualifying order for a 2022 Transit that was never built.

The deal focuses on 2023 Ford Transit vans and excludes the all-electric E-Transit. As we previously reported, 2023 E-Transits will see up to $3,705 in price increases. Although order guide data indicates a price increase for the 2023 Transit of almost $2,000 at entry level, we don’t yet know why Ford is offering $6,000 off.

Having said that, a wire on the Ford Transit USA Forum website in June titled “Let me piss you off with the base price of the 2023 Transit” seems to suggest there was a mid-year price increase for 2022. To some, that would mean a difference of $6,000 in MSRP compared to Transit’s prices last year.

In its letter to dealers this week, Ford wrote: “Due to unprecedented circumstances with supply chain constraints, we did not have sufficient allocation/product to build all retail orders verified by the Unscheduled Customer Order Verification Program (COVP) from 22MY Transit that was in the dealer’s order bank.”

The company said “We recognize the importance of caring for these customers,” adding that eligible buyers will receive a private Ford offer. Although the private Transit model year transition offer expires on January 3, 2023, a replacement order must be submitted by November 2, 2022.

If you think you qualify for the new bonus, we recommend that you check with your local Ford Dealership to find out how the program works. As before, the 2023 Ford Transit family will continue to include a wide range of Transit-150, Transit-250 and Transit-350 crew, cargo and passenger configurations.

The move comes the same week Ford introduced a price adjustment of up to $8,500 for F-150 Lightning buyers as compensation for not having all 2022 reservations filled. Individuals with a qualifying reservation may be eligible for a variable discount on the price of a 2023 F-150 Lightning EV.

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