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A Ferrari Purosangue Build slot machine is already on sale and we are also skeptical

It’s only been three days since Ferrari unveiled its Purosangue “FUV” (it’s Ferrari utility vehicle, people), and those with deep enough pockets are salivating to order one of these V12-powered people carriers, and that without even seeing an official price tag. Fortunately, they may not have to search so hard to find a place in the order books.

A luxury car dealership in Japan is offer a reservation slot which he claims to hold for the Purosangue for the tidy sum of $500,000. The reservation, which is said to be scheduled between the second and third quarters of 2023, sits alongside other luxury vehicles the dealership claims to offer, including a reservation for the elusive Bugatti Mistral.

Now, it’s not clear if the dealership is asking $500,000 for the car, or if that cost is just for the rights to the build location, so proceed with caution (and maybe a lawyer – we’ve seen this kind of reservation location offers go south before) if you happen to want one badly enough. Ferrari also didn’t reveal an official price, but it should be around $400,000, which still leaves room for a hefty markup to the dealer asking price. Nevertheless, it is a rich request anyway.

Ferrari commercial and marketing director Enrico Galliera would have said that the company was already considering closing its order books given the strong demand. Galliera confirmed that the automaker has been accepting pre-orders from customers since September 2018 and noted that reservations “exploded” when it announced that the SUV (er—UVF) would be equipped with a V12. Add to that an expected annual production of around 3,000 units and you have the equivalent of FOMO for the wealthy.

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