Car rates

Car rental options in Las Vegas

LAS VEGAS (KLAS)— Whether booking a car rental for vacation or while a car is being repaired, consumers have noticed the difficulty of renting a vehicle without spending a fortune.

With summer travel approaching, locals like Adele Newberry say they just need a ride while their car is in the store. But, every time she looked, the prices seemed to go up. “Every time I watched, the prices went up more and more,” she says, “so every time I changed platforms, the price went down.”

The process of finding a rental car with a week’s notice has become a challenge, with many having to book it months in advance.

That’s where companies like Turo come in. Described as the largest car-sharing marketplace in the world, customers have the option to choose from a selection of over 1,300 makes and models.
Prices vary, but finding a car that’s affordable and available with a week’s notice is entirely possible.

“We’re in over 7,500 cities, including Las Vegas, where you can book with local hosts,” says Albert Mangahas, chief data officer at Turo.

Las Vegas resident Mikey Delrosario recalls using the service right after the lockdown during the pandemic and says it helped him so much he decided to become a host himself. “It’s going very well and it’s booked almost every day.”