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Cars at the Cabin features dream cars of all generations

by Chris Studor

Maybe a 1966 Dodge Charger has always been your dream car, or maybe you’ve always imagined yourself behind the wheel of a Formula I race car?

Whatever your ideal set of wheels, chances are it will be among the 100+ cars proudly showcased at the Hinckley Car Club’s 2nd Annual Cars at the Chalet.

The show, which took place Aug. 7 at the Brooklyn Exchange Cabin on the Hinckley Reservation, drew more than 500 car owners and visitors, according to Car Club President Ron Wayda.

The event is the highlight of the year for the Hinckley Car Club, a non-profit organization for automobile and motorcycle enthusiasts, including the restoration, modification and promotion of classic, antique and specialty vehicles . The group was casually organized in 2021 by five Hinckley car fanatics who decided to form a social car club.

This fall, club members will work to establish a formal club with regular meetings and dues.

“The club is designed to be a vehicle to bring like-minded people together and promote goodwill within the community,” Wayda said. “Our main goal is to raise money for charity through car shows, cruises and other events.”

Major recipients of proceeds from the auto club are used to support the Brooklyn Exchange Club, part of the National Exchange Club, whose primary goal is to prevent child abuse. This year, the auto club donated $700 to the Exchange Club. In addition to donating to the Exchange Club, customers coming to Cars at the Cabin filled a truck with more than $750 in pet food and supplies, which were donated to the SPCA Parma No Kill Shelter, Jason said. Herb, club treasurer,

After the first Cars at the Cabin event in 2021, it was clear that local car enthusiasts were roaring to return. Parked right next to the forward cabin stood a mint Ford Model T. In contrast, a few yards away stood a 2019 Porsche GT-S owned by Scott and Lynn Kennedy of Hinckley.

Hinckley’s Lynn and Scott Kennedy both had Formula I racing experience and joined the motor show with their new Porsche. Photo by Chris

The Kennedys are no strangers to the racing community. Scott has won honors twice in his life with his Formula I racing cars. His wife, Lynne, also raced but said one of her most memorable experiences “was taking a course from the legendary Bobby Rahal”.

In the car field, showing off his 1966 Dodge Charger, was Ron Rucinski of Strongsville, who was named one of this year’s winners.

“I owned the car for 22 years,” he said. “It’s not about winning, I just like being in the shows.”

Hinckley Township native Lisa Amentini attended the show with her husband Mark and proudly showed off their 1970 Dodge Charger RT 440 Six Pack. Parked right next to the Charger was John Herman of Hinckley with his 1935 Auburn .

“The Auburn has its stock engine, I’ve had it since 1989,” he said.

The winners of this year’s Cars at the Cabin Motor Show were as follows; Joe Flowers, 1969 Ford Mustang; Rick Urban, 1970 Dodge Coronet; and Ron Rucinski, 1966 Dodge Charger. All three vehicles and their owners garnered a lot of attention, as did the unique trophies they received, which consisted of a variety of automotive parts welded together. ∞