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It’s because of grand theft auto online that fans of the famous Grand Theft Auto franchise can hang out together and wreak havoc in San Andreas – or maybe even create their own criminal enterprises and rule the streets with fancy fashionable clothes and vehicles. In fact, those who want to show off their sense of style might want to show off some of the most expensive cars in the game – after all, grand theft auto online there’s no shortage of awesome cars with prizes to crack an ordinary citizen’s bank account.

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The thing is, there are actually some pretty expensive cars online. GTAinstallment that might not be worth buying as much as some fans might initially think. Some cheaper cars in GTA online might be worth more in terms of design and performance compared to other high-end models.


8 Breaststroke FQ2

those who play GTA online and who love luxury SUVs might appreciate the Fathom FQ2. Its typical luxury crossover SUV appearance is reminiscent of models like the Infiniti FX, especially with its predominantly rounded edges.

However, for a low price of $50,000, the Fathom FQ2 does not necessarily live up to expectations as a luxury entry-level vehicle. Compared to other cars in the same price range, the FQ2 offers more comfort than acceleration, handling and overall performance. Not only that, but the way its suspension, braking and overall frame functions make it more suitable for off-road travel than around town. Definitely worth saving up for a more expensive vehicle in the $100,000 range instead of settling for the FQ2.

seven Voltic

It’s not just in the real world that people see electric cars, because GTA online has this in the form of the coil Voltic as well. Inspired by the design of the Lotus Elise and the design of the 2008-2012 Tesla Roadster, this compact vehicle aesthetically screams with a sophisticated edge.

In terms of stats, the Voltic has a quick accelerator that supports its rapid acceleration. Unfortunately, that’s all the vehicle can offer, as it has a rather lower than normal top speed. Even when fully upgraded, the Voltic is barely as fast as other supercars – not entirely useful in races. And in addition to rather lackluster durability, the Voltic is not a worthwhile purchase even for its low price of $150,000.

6 Ball

Muscle car fans will immediately appreciate the Vapid Ball for its mix of classic and modern designs. And among the civilian super cars, it’s the Bullet that takes the cake for its rather sentimental rally aesthetic. Based heavily on the 2005-2006 Ford GT, the Bullet screams muscle through and through.

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And with the right mods and decals, this modestly priced vehicle at $155,000 may seem like a worthwhile purchase. However, there are some setbacks that players need to consider. First, the Bullet is admittedly one of the slowest supercars in the entire game. In fact, its speed fits more the sports car than the supercar classification. The Bullet is certainly great for its price, but the investment would be more worth it for the Adder and Entity XF.

5 Vacca

Lamborghini fans will immediately start leaning towards achieving the Vacca in GTA online. Available immediately on the main game, the Vacca has a decent price of $240,000, suited to its sports car aesthetic. Characterized by Lamborghini’s characteristic trapezoidal body shape, the Vacca boasts of all sports cars.

The main asset of the Vacca is its powerful engine, and therefore its powerful top speeds. Its decent maneuverability allows it to turn easily, although it will be necessary to adjust the controls from time to time while on the road. Unfortunately, it’s not as aesthetically pleasing as the other Pegassi sports car models in the game, with the Vacca being more “stereotypical” Lamborghini than having its own “signature”.

4 Sultan RS

Introduced in the January 2016 update, the Karin Sultan RS is a civilian car that players might not immediately believe is a rally sports car. Based on the 1st generation Lexus IS, the Sultan RS has a fairly simple sedan design that makes it a monster to behold in a racing context.

In terms of stats, the Sultan RS is definitely a superior model compared to the regular Sultan with its higher top speed. There’s a big improvement when it comes to its stopping power, as well as decent off-road performance. However, despite its decent stats, its price of $795,000 not worth it compared to more powerful vehicles of the same class – both in terms of stats and aesthetics.

3 Mamba

Gamers who love classic coasters will be delighted with the Mamba in the online game. Manufactured by Declasse, the Mamba is available through the Executives and other criminals DLCs. And that suits the Mamba’s looks, as its design basis of the AC Cobra (MkIII) makes it a suitable car for a crime lord running a huge business.

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For a price of $995,000, the Mamba is right to display an incredible top speed. However, it suffers heavily from low durability. This combination doesn’t help that the Mamba suffers from harsh handling. It takes a lot of practice to master the movement of the Mamba, especially since some tight turns require the handbrake to work combined with its sensitive steering. For a car that could take a lot of damage from bad cornering, the Mamba is showing more and more that it isn’t worth its price.

2 emperor

Despite the classic appearance of emperorit is definitely one of the most expensive sedans featured in GTA online. Manufactured by Albany, this civilian car is based on both the 5th generation Cadillac Fleetwood Brougham and the Cadillac Sedan de Ville. As such, it’s a treat for vintage car fans.

However, with a price of around $1.785 million, the Emperor seems to perform poorly for its price and appearance. Despite its decent handling, its lower frame means it’s prone to scratching over rough terrain. Also, while it can take a lot of impact compared to other cars, its speed and practicality aren’t enough to justify taking the Emperor on critical forays.

1 Dune MTL

Although not necessarily a car in the conventional sense of the word, the Dune MTL is a civilian truck introduced in the trick stunts DLCs. It is created by MTL, with a design based loosely on various endurance trucks that normally compete in desert rallies. In the On line installment, it is based on the Dakar MAN TGS 480.

For a cost of approx. $1.3 million, the Dune is rather tricky to handle. Granted, it offers decent acceleration and top speed, and it’s certainly reliable when it comes to handling hills and uphill hikes. However, its odd center of gravity makes the Dune a dangerous cornering companion, requiring a lot of practice from riders.

grand theft auto online is currently available on PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One and Xbox Series X/S.

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