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Charles Leclerc’s net worth and the overall cost of his car collection

The month of May means two things for motorsport fans. First, of course, this is the month we have the Indy 500, the biggest racing spectacle. This event takes place this weekend on May 29, 2022. It sees Scott Dixon start on pole, in one of the most competitive areas in racing history. But it is also the month of the Monaco Grand Prix, which also takes place this weekend. And of course it’s the home race of Ferrari the man Charles Leclerc.

Leclerc is in a car that has the potential to win a first world title for himself, as he looks set to take on Max Verstappen, possibly even Sergio Perez and George Russell throughout the season. He has yet to complete a race in Monaco in any category despite it being his home, but hopefully that will change in 2022. And the hometown hero is of course worth some cash and has quite a nice collection of cars. Here’s a bit about the man himself, his net worth, and his car collection.

The Monaco man himself

Charles Leclerc is only 24 years old, but has already accomplished a lot in his life. After rising through the ranks of karting, he then won the GP3 series in 2016 and then won the Formula 2 championship in 2017, the first year the championship was renamed from GP2. This earned the Monegasque driver a place on the Formula 1 grid in 2018. Thanks to his place in the Ferrari Driver Academy, he was placed in the Sauber-Alfa Romeo car alongside Marcus Ericsson, and he took his first points in the sport that year. in Baku with a fine sixth place.

The 2019 season saw him move to Ferrari, where he took the place of outgoing Kimi Raikkonen, himself moved to Sauber (renamed Alfa Romeo). Remarkably, he picked up seven pole positions during 2019, and victories in the Belgian GP and the Italian GP, ​​before a trickier 2020 season saw Ferrari drop to sixth in the standings. He did, however, claim two podiums in the tricky car that year and helped Ferrari finish third in the championship in 2021 as they recovered. And in 2022, he is firmly in contention for his first world title with two wins so far this season.

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The Leclerc Car Collection

As you would expect from a man of his stature, Leclerc has quite an impressive collection of cars. And unsurprisingly, there are Ferraris. According to various websites such as CA Knowledge, Leclerc has a Ferrari GTC4 that costs $850,000 and a Ferrari F8 worth $590,000 in his collection. But these are the only two Ferraris he owns. Certainly, they are very good. Leclerc also owns an $800,000 McLaren GT, a 4.0-liter twin-turbocharged V8-powered machine that’s a recent addition to the McLaren lineup. Maybe he had a good deal from his friend Lando Norris.

But there are also surprises in this collection. Leclerc apparently has a Land Rover Discovery, worth around $175,000 and a Jaguar XF for $125,000. These are perhaps the most common cars in his collection, the ones he uses every day. But things get even more exciting when you see he has a $3 million Bugatti Chiron and a $1 million Rolls-Royce Wraith. The Chiron is by far Leclerc’s most expensive car, and one wonders if this one is only ever released on special occasions! All in all, it’s a nice collection of cars with a total value of around $6.5 million.

The Monegasque hero’s net worth

Unsurprisingly, Leclerc’s net worth is quite high. Max Verstappen’s net worth is around $60 million, of course increased through his world title success in 2021. Leclerc meanwhile is estimated to have a net worth of around €11 million, or around $12 million. millions of dollars. Some places have put that figure much higher, but $12 million is the most limiting figure, although of course we can never be 100% sure. Expect that to grow over the years as he not only cements himself as a Ferrari legend and wins more races, but if he also wins the world title.

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Bringing the championship back to Maranello

Ferrari haven’t won a drivers’ title since 2007 with Kimi Raikkonen, and haven’t won a constructors’ title since 2008. So there’s a lot to be done on Leclerc, and even teammate Carlos Sainz, to bring that title back. worldwide in Maranello and Italy. And 2022 looks to be Leclerc’s best chance yet. Red Bull have won four out of six races this year and wiped out early championship leads Leclerc and Ferrari, but Leclerc should have won the last race in Spain if his engine hadn’t let him down. There’s more to come from Leclerc this year, and watch that net worth skyrocket if he wins the world championship.

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