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Cost of running EVs, electric RVs, batteries and tire emissions: Today’s Automotive News

Electric vehicles remain the antidote to high gas prices. Expectations are high for electric RVs, but where will they charge? And the weight of larger batteries causes more emissions from a source you might not expect. This and more, here at Green car reports.

Bigger batteries for electric vehicles can increase range, but the latest study from a UK-based independent testing company suggests the extra weight could significantly increase particulate emissions from tyres.

The operating cost advantages of electric vehicles have been further strengthened amid high gas prices, and they can now be driven at just 15% of the cost of gas-powered vehicles per mile, according to an updated report. of an electric vehicle industry group.

Electric RVs will arrive within the next few years and, as a recent study from a major RV manufacturer suggests, expectations are high for battery-powered electric RVs, bordering on the impossible. As we have pointed out in various ways, a whole new set of infrastructure solutions is needed. So, who will rise to power?


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