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Dark Winds Episode 104 Recap: “”Hooghandi”

Leaphorn suspects that all the crimes on the reservation are connected. Chee knows they are.

Disclaimer: This is a preview of episode 104 of dark winds, so there will be loads of spoilers here. We highly recommend not Read this if you haven’t watched the episode yet on AMC or AMC+.

Leaphorn invites Chee to dinner, but the evening doesn’t go as planned. Meanwhile, Manuelito makes an important discovery – and proves that she really is a straight shooter. And The Buffalo Society enters the mix. What are we going to do with this? Here are our five takeaways from “Hooghandi”, episode 104 of dark winds.

Takeaway #1

The biggest punch of this week’s episode – arguably the biggest punch of the show so far – arrived, as perfect punches should, when expected. the least. After their relentless research uncovers irrefutable proof that Benjamin Tso (Jeremiah Bitsui) is an impostor, Leaphorn (Zahn McClarnon) invites Chee (Kiowa Gordon) to his home for dinner with him and his wife Emma (Deanna Allison). Inspired by photos of Joe Jr. on their wall, Chee expressed respectful sympathy for the loss of their son. But things got downright tense when Emma announced that, despite Leaphorn’s misgivings, heavily pregnant young Sally Growing Thunder (Elva Guerra) would be staying with them for a while. Leaphorn was not at all happy to hear this and indicated his displeasure – not loudly, but emphatically. Feeling uncomfortable, Chee apologized and began to take his leave – triggering Leaphorn to blurt out, “Sit down, Joe!” Just in case there was any lingering doubt that Leaphorn was starting to think of Chee in a fatherly way after working together and confiding in each other, those lingering doubts ceased very quickly. Unfortunately, Chee left anyway.

Takeout #2

All of this made it more impactful a few scenes later when Leaphorn felt betrayed by his surrogate son after discovering that Chee had been more loyal to his FBI overlord – i.e. Special Agent scummy Whitover (Noah Emmerich) – and withheld information about Frank Nakai (Eugene Brave Rock), a person of interest in the Big Rock Motel murders case whom Sally identified by name in episode 103. Nakai himself spilled the wick, sarcastically addressing Chee as “My favorite FBI agent” after a thrilling shootout that ended with Tso galloping on a stolen horse – not coincidentally, stolen from Manuelito’s corral ( Jessica Matten) – and Manuelito saving his fellow officers by shooting and wounding Nakai. It turns out that Nakai is someone even more interested in the Gallup armored car heist, and his arrest on federal charges would be a career boost for Chee. The episode ended with Leaphorn and Chee literally grappling — briefly, but shockingly — and Leaphorn was left alone in his kitchen to reflect on yet another crushing loss.

Takeout #3

Manuelito also wasn’t thrilled with Chee’s machiavellian moves. But, again, she also seemed very angry at Leaphorn for not telling her that Chee was an undercover Fed. (Especially since she and Chee had something to do — or were about to start, anyway.) But Manuelito has spent most of his screen time this week demonstrating that in addition to being a good shooter, she is an excellent investigator. She followed the dots that led from a helmet bought at a reservation flea market to the river where we last saw Raymond (Quenton Yazzie) diving for signs of a downed helicopter. Of course, she didn’t know that Tso and Nakai had already fired Raymond. But chances are she’ll find out soon enough.

Takeaway #4

And speaking of Tso and Nakai: in a flashback aptly highlighted by Donovan’s haunting ’60s pop hit “Season of the Witch,” they were revealed as active participants in the Gallup armored car heist. And, yes, we finally found out how that helicopter, along with a betrayed accomplice, ended up at the bottom of the lake. More importantly, we learned more about the motive for their crime: Tso and Nakai are members of the Buffalo Society, a radical Native American group that advocates “decolonization and liberation of our land.” (Think of the American Indian movement, but with a count of the dead.) If a few innocent or not-so-innocent bystanders – or even other Navajos – are killed as they pursue their objectives, hey, you can’t make an omelet without breaking a few eggs. To be fair, Nakai isn’t entirely comfortable with Tso’s ends-justification-means approach. But he had no trouble joining Tso in trying to intimidate wealthy businessman BJ Vines (John Henry Dihel), who bought the old drilling site closed after the explosion that killed, among others , Joe Leaphorn Jr. An outburst that Tso and Nakai demand was no accident. Vines, it should be noted, did not bother to deny the accusation. The businessman played his cards even closer to the vest when Tso and Nakai’s treacherous cohort Pete (Rob Tepper) later walked by with an offer to betray the troublesome members of the Buffalo Society. True, nothing good will come of it – will it?

Takeaway #5

After the spider bite at the end of episode 103, Wanda (Ryffin Phoenix) is in a comatose state, much to the anguish of her husband Lester (Jonathan Adams). She hasn’t yet risen from her hospital bed to scale walls or shoot webs, so we can only assume it wasn’t a radioactive spider. Meanwhile, we have no idea if or when Leaphorn will ever be able to grab a cold RC Cola from his fridge before the guests run out of supply there. Really, this guy needs to start doing his own errands.