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Disney Park Pass request leaves family ‘heartbroken’, ‘damage control’ ensues

A guest is in damage control mode at this time, having booked a full Disney vacation, but having no Disney Park Pass reservations.

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Recently, we reported that several Guests were experiencing issues with the Disney Park Pass reservation system. One of the newest additions to Walt Disney World Resort, following the reopening of Magic Kingdom, EPCOT, Disney’s Animal Kingdom and Disney’s Hollywood Studios, is that Disney Parks Passes are now required to enter a park. The time to buy a Disney Park ticket and stroll through the Park of your choice is over, now reservations must be made on your My Disney Experience.

Although the parks are crowded, the parks are still operating with reduced capacity. At this time, Disney won’t release what that number is, but it’s likely in the higher range as elbow-to-elbow crowds are back. Customers still need to collect and obtain a Disney Park Pass to enter a theme park, and as we noted, those don’t seem to be going anytime soon, as you can currently create Park Passes through 2024.

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Disney Chief Financial Officer Christine McCarthy took part in a Q&A session at the 2022 Morgan Stanley Conference on Technology, Media and Telecommunications. At the conference. McCarthy noted a few things that piqued the interest of many Disney fans. Along with stating that the character encounter will return soon, which we now know to be April 18, she also stated that Park’s ability will never return to normal.

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It looks like Disney is “handling things differently now” as they can track the number of guests expected at each park, which helps with crowd management as well as staffing and demand for each day. It seems that Disney does this to think about the guest experience, as they “don’t want the parks to overflow”, and by having a reduced capacity, guests can have a more enjoyable time.

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The downside is that before, visitors rarely had to run a park “at capacity”, especially if it wasn’t a vacation, but now Disney Park Passes are flying off the shelves! We recently reported that for a week in March when many students are out of school, Disney is already almost at capacity, eliminating the possibility of visiting quite quickly.

Now, the conversation continues as it seems more and more guests are encountering complications when it comes to booking passes to Disney parks. Over the past few weeks, Disney World has been inundated with guests as spring break ensues, and with that demand has come many days at full capacity at Walt Disney World.

Although the Disney World website urges visitors to make their Disney Park Pass reservations while at Walt Disney World, it won’t require you to do so, and it seems some visitors realize this too late. they have to do, after the Park Passes. they wish are gone.

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It seems that even for guests who understand how to use the system, this availability is a major issue among guests. A guest took to Reddit to note that they didn’t know about the park passes and don’t know what to do. The Reddit post garnered over 433 comments.

I messed up. I’m doing my best to limit the damage.

My wife, 2 kids and both parents planned a trip to Walt Disney World about 2 months ago.

Resort ✅ Rental Car ✅ Disney Tickets ✅ Park Reservations ❌

I left someone else in charge of tickets and selecting park reservations. Now we are a few days away (we are checking in on the 20th) and the whole week is basically booked. I feel so disappointed in myself and heartbroken for my children.

There must be something I can do. Please any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Thank you!

One Disney fan noted, “Keep searching EVERY DAY, availability changes in real time. We had reservations over Christmas week this way. Book time, access the calendar, then refresh, refresh, refresh!” Another replied, “Don’t even refresh the calendar, just keep refreshing the ‘make a reservation’ process. luck and I had to take a cancellation right after it happened because the calendar was always full.

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Another guest suggested Park Hopping if he can get a Park Pass for any park, “You can book any open park and buy the park hopper to change after 2:00.” It should be noted that to do this a Park Pass reservation is still required, but perhaps the guest can book a pass for a park they hadn’t planned to go to, but then Park Hop up. to where he wants to go, and he also has to buy a Park Hopper ticket.

Someone else commented, “I was at Disney World over Memorial Day weekend for a DVC resort stay only. All parks were full in advance. While I was there I checked park reservations each day just to see if availability was opening up. Every day at least one park had reservations available. So there is always hope! So hop after 2:00.

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It seems that Disney parks pass availability is generally a hard thing to come by lately, with cast members also being stuck out of the parks for most of the month.

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