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So, you have planned your trip to Dubai, chosen a hotel, booked the tickets… But what about the car? Will you take a taxi when you need one, or rent a car and drive wherever you want?

If driving is your choice, you need to be very careful with documents and payment cards. Keep reading to learn more.

What documents are required to rent a car?

The traveler must provide a car agency with the following documents:

  • a driving license ;
  • a valid passport with entry visa;
  • a personalized credit card.

In turn, our agency will offer 1) insurance and 2) a rental agreement with 3) terms and conditions. Below we will briefly review all the documents in the pack.

Driver’s license

Every traveler who plans to drive a car in Dubai and the United Arab Emirates must have a valid driver’s license. In addition, there should be two licenses, one national and one international. Since a rental agreement can be signed by two people, they must both have two types of permits.

Please also note that the legal driving age in Dubai is 25. If you or another driver is younger, you will likely pay a higher rental price due to a higher insurance rate.

Valid passports and visas

Each driver must provide a valid passport with the entry visa issued by his country of residence.

Credit card

In Dubai, one cannot pay for a car rental with anonymous cards, debit cards or cash. The deposit and the rental price must be paid by credit card with the same name as all other documents.

A typical credit card with embossed letters will be needed not only to make payments, but also to receive the deposit when it is refunded to the driver. Among other things, the driver is likely to pay on the road in Dubai to fill the fuel tank, drive on toll roads and pay a fine.


Assurance is always part of the rental price and is a mandatory requirement of the Road and Transportation Agency (RTA). As we noted above, if the driver is under 25, the insurance is likely to be higher.

Rental agreement

Although the law is strictly observed in Dubai and other emirates, be sure to sign a rental agreement which will outline the deposit refund policy, rental period, car details and other aspects important to which you can refer if necessary. .

terms and conditions

The terms and conditions include policies regarding the rental, maintenance and return of the car. It specifies the conditions for obtaining assistance in the event of an accident or car breakdown. This document also contains useful contacts. Be sure to read it carefully to avoid any misunderstandings.

Driving a car in Dubai

Although driving a car in a foreign country can be scary, many travelers who have tried driving in Dubai have thoroughly enjoyed the experience. Dubai rightly boasts excellent road quality which has been recognized worldwide.

Nothing beats the feeling of driving a luxury sports car at moderate speed past the magnificent skyscrapers. There are a lot of female drivers these days, so renting a car isn’t just for men!

And although authorities advise against speeding on the roads and traffic accidents are subject to hefty fines, most travelers bring back indelible memories from visiting the man-made paradise.


If you’re ready to dive into your own Dubai experience, start by browsing our website. There is a fantastic selection of different vehicles to suit all tastes and budgets. Even better, you can rent your dream car for just a fraction of the price. Call us now to inquire!


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