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DriveItAway Launches Polestar 2 EV Subscription Program – Fleet Acquisition

The new program offers users interested in electric vehicles a way to “try it before you buy it”. The company plans to expand the range of electric vehicles included, including Chevy Bolts and Nissan LEAF. Pictured is John F. Possumato, founder of DriveItAway Holdings Inc.

Photo: DriveItAway

DriveItAway Holdings, Inc., a dealer-focused mobility platform, announced the launch of an electric vehicle ownership subscription program with the Polestar 2. The service allows consumers or fleets to try to drive a new luxury electric vehicle before committing to an outright purchase.

“We’ve found that many people are hesitant to commit to buying a brand new electric vehicle,” said John F. Possumato, Founder and CEO of DriveItAway. “We designed the program so that anyone can immediately drive a Polestar 2 with no purchase commitment, quickly, easily and inexpensively with the vehicle subscription fully managed through our mobile application. Turnkey and complete , our program includes insurance, maintenance, and delivery right to your door.”

Commercial and corporate fleets are encouraged to try the program. Part of the value for fleets is trying out EV subscription without interfering with existing rental programs. “With an optional buyout, it’s the best of an indefinite lease, but with no obligation to eat the residual,” Possumato said.

For those who try it and like it, a portion of the subscription fee goes towards the purchase price of the vehicle. The driver has the right, but not the obligation, to buy the vehicle he is driving, the money being returned in the form of a bonus coupon.

And because Polestar has a six-month waiting list, fleets can immediately access vehicles through the DriveItAway program.

It also offers new EV manufacturers and legacy OEMs a new distribution channel for their vehicles, with an “infinite test drive” to a full range of consumers to satisfy a market that is “curious about EVs” but may not want to -be not immediately commit to purchase, says the ad.

Elena Ciccotelli, head of automotive partnerships at Lyft, recently picked up a new Polestar 2 through the DriveItAway program and said she found an added benefit. “Used car values ​​are very high right now, so I was eager to sell my used car for the best price,” Ciccotelli says, “but I didn’t want to buy a new vehicle right now during the shortage of cars, with limited selection and high prices.I also strongly support Lyft’s commitment to be 100% EV by 2030, so I made a commitment that my next vehicle would be a zero-emission EV. It’s a great way to go green by going green.

DriveItAway’s EV subscription program begins launch in the greater Philadelphia/New Jersey area with the Polestar 2, but will soon feature a full lineup of EVs, including the Chevrolet Bolt/Bolt EUV, Nissan Leafs and even Ford Escape Plug In Hybrids, throughout the United States.

“The future is zero-emission vehicles,” Possumato said, “and the future of consumer EV adoption is powered by flexible subscription with optional ownership, with paid money applied to the purchase.”

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