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Ecotoll launches the payment of tolls for rental cars and motorcycles

Toll payments for rental cars and motorcycles from your phone

Ecotoll’s new and updated feature now extends its pay-as-you-go toll services to rental vehicles, borrowed cars and motorcycles.

NEW YORK, NY, USA, July 14, 2022 / — Ecotoll, an app that helps pay tolls in the state of California, has expanded its service offering and now allows its users to pay tolls their rental vehicles, borrowed cars and motorcycles.

The expansion comes after Ecotoll launched its pay-as-you-go services for private vehicles in California in early 2022. The pay-as-you-go service allows drivers to pay tolls as they cross toll roads and bridges without the need to pre-load an account or having to obtain an additional toll transponder. Expanding driver payment options has been particularly critical in the wake of the Covid-19 pandemic, where toll roads no longer offer the option to pay at the toll.

Ecotoll identified rental car drivers as an underserved segment with few options when it comes to paying tolls. For rental vehicles, drivers are often charged a daily device fee by the car rental company for toll transponders whether or not they use a toll road or pass a toll bridge during their period. rent. Ecotoll now offers rental car drivers the same pay-as-you-go services it offers to private vehicles – eliminating the daily device fee charged by car rental companies and giving drivers the option of not paying than when crossing a toll road.

The same service for rental cars can also be used for vehicles borrowed for a short period from friends or family; drivers can pay tolls directly through their Ecotoll account rather than trying to track toll charges and pay tolls to the original car owner.

The latest app update that covers rental vehicles or borrowed cars provides the option to set the end date of the rental period. Whereas users previously had to manually remove or deactivate the vehicle at the end of the rental period, the latest update now automatically deactivates the vehicle on the specified end date of the rental period. The update is the result of listening to user feedback, as well as finding a gap in solutions when it comes to paying rental car toll charges.

In addition to cover for rental cars, Ecotoll has also expanded its offerings to cover toll payments for motorcycles. With an Ecotoll account, motorbike drivers no longer need to carry or affix a sticker or toll sticker on their bike to use toll roads and bridges.

For owners of multiple vehicles or who own both motorbikes and cars, the Ecotoll app allows users to add and remove vehicles and manage payments for multiple cars, rental vehicles and motorbikes from anywhere. only one account. This means that drivers no longer need multiple transponders with multiple pre-loaded accounts, or pay for the more expensive pay-by-mail option.

As Ecotoll continues to expand its offerings to cover a wider range of vehicle types, it also plans to expand its coverage to the EZ-Pass network before the end of 2022. With the planned coverage expansion as well as d With other new features to roll out for the rest of the year, Ecotoll should continue to deliver on its promise to take care of everything toll related.

With Ecotoll, drivers now travel serenely without having to worry about paying tolls, regardless of the vehicle they drive.

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