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Eneas Eugene “In-Ya” Conko | Obituary

Eneas Eugene “In-Ya” Conko was born on June 24, 1979 to Kathleen “Kitty” Barnaby Conko and Eneas Conko, SR. In-Ya’s maternal grandparents, the late Martha Curley and the late John P. “Bud” Barnaby.

In-ya’s paternal grandparents are the late Louise Adams and William Conko. In-ya’s siblings are DJ Omingo, Nicolette Conko and Shanna Conko. The nieces and nephews are Tashina Crom, Kristina Omingo, Mariah Omingo, Dominique Omingo, Larrs Omingo, Delicia Blackweasel, Trentin Blackweasel, Trevor Blackweasel, Josiah Bird and Tehya Hammer, Robia Conko, Brandon Conko, Kyra Carpenter.

In-ya spent her childhood between Browning and Idaho. He had a smirk on his face as he shared the story of how he would end up in Idaho to stay with his Aunt Ponce when he “raised the cane” with his mother, so she would send him to Aunt Ponce in the hope that she would be able to give him some common sense. When his mischievous ways caught up with him in Idaho, he was calling his mother to pick him up, which she happily did.

In 2002, In-ya returned to the Flathead Reservation and shared a home with her mother, Kathy, and her father, In-ya Sr. At that time, In-ya Sr. was working with her brother John Conko to make fencing work. In-ya and her father often sat together before In-ya Sr. left for work, visiting her father who was finishing his cup of coffee before heading for the door. He loved spending time with his father.

Shortly after returning home, In-ya met the mother of her children, Vanessa, they had 5 children in their 14 years together, Ravyn, Kathleen, Shane, Adriana and Eneas known as Tre , but In-ya’s first children were actually his niece, Delicia and his nephews, Trentino, Trevor and Josiah.

He helped his sister Nicolette with the children whenever she needed him to step in as she had done for the children of In-ya over the years. Once he had kids of his own, he quickly became a family man, trading in his beloved teal 2-door firebird car for a minivan.

But if you knew In-ya, he put in the time and effort to turn this van into something he would turn heads in. He took pride in not being like the others, and his vehicles definitely showed that… his uniqueness… In-ya was truly one of a kind.

In-ya suffered a broken back in a car accident in 2003. Doctors told him and his family he was unlikely to walk again. As a new father and as stubborn as In-ya was, that wasn’t an option for him. He overcame all the pain and proved the doctors wrong. After months of rehabilitation, In-ya was on her feet. He tried not to let his injuries slow him down, so if he was in pain, he kept it to himself.

As the In-yas family grew, he took on various jobs to support his family, from forestry thinning trees with his brothers, Sonny Burke and Pat Hammer, to being a pickup truck driver for the DHRD and fighting forest fires with CSKT Forestry and its most popular job sale. cars. In-ya was quick with his words, and his personality always made everyone he spoke to feel like family, even if he had just met them, which made him one of the best. current sellers. When Inya wasn’t busy working, he volunteered his time coaching his nephews’ basketball and baseball teams, as well as helping out at the Pablo Racetrack, where he was the flagman for the races. He also volunteered his time to the Ronan Volunteer Fire Department. In-ya liked to keep busy, so outings with her family were a daily occurrence.

When his mother suffered a stroke, he was by her side as much as he could be. When Kathy couldn’t be home, he and Nicolette would visit her and take her out of the nursing home for day trips. In-ya would walk into the nursing home, walk down the hall, letting people know he was there for her by calling out “Mamacita”.

In-ya and family lost In-ya Sr. and Kathy in 2008. A loss he could never come to terms with, but he found solace in his family. He tried to make it a point to spend more time with his brother, DJ, and sister, Nicolette. He was also grateful to his children’s grandparents, Veronica, whom he called “Mama V” and Bruce Laursen. His aunt/mom, Marie Torosian, was a big part of his life during his difficult times away from his family, she stepped in to support him and his family. He was very fond of his large extended family: grandparents, aunts, uncles, cousins, nieces, nephews and friends who over the years became his family. All played different roles in his life.

In-ya loved being on the road; often he would spontaneously pack the family for a trip to visit family in Idaho and Washington. He was proud of his family and enjoyed showing it off. He often spoke of going out with Aunt Ponce; she took Ravyn to her first Monster Truck show in Spokane.

He enjoyed taking his family camping and swimming at Blue Bay, or driving the kids through the bison range, and he especially enjoyed his time fishing with his brother, DJ. He often bragged that DJ knew the best fishing spots. His best days were spent with DJ and all his nieces and nephews swimming at Mission Dam.

In-ya had a close relationship with her sister, Nicolette. She was practically his 2nd mom growing up. He loved her more than she could ever know. He knew he could always count on her no matter what and vice versa. Their bond was unbreakable.

Although In-ya’s life was cut short, he lived a full life with everyone he loved.

Inya spent the rest of his life with his fiancée, Talia, and their puppy Kilo. They took roadtrips to Arizona to visit her children. Their last trip was to spend time with his children and to celebrate Eneas’ 10th birthday and Adriana’s 12th birthday last October. In-ya was happy to be able to share his children with Talia. They were able to spend time together at the Arizona State Fair during their last visit. A memory that children will cherish forever.

Quick poem:

The world changes from year to year,

Our day-to-day lives

But the love and the memory of you,

Will never pass.

He met his wife TaLia JoDeen Conko in 2013 and stayed with her until her dying day. He moved in with her in Ronan by the. Hospital. He loved going to Great Falls and Browning to visit his brothers Billy Vaughn and Zeke. As life would have it, he struggled and spent time in prison for which he learned the art of horsehair hitching. After his rehabilitation, he returned home to be with Talia and they lived in Ronan until the day he died. He spent all his time with Talia, he loved her unconditionally. He was always the favorite uncle of his nephews and nieces, he was always there for them whenever they needed him and he would spoil them at every opportunity. He had nothing but unconditional love for everyone he cared about. When he loved you, he gave everything and even more. He loved traveling from WA, ID and AZ with his wife to visit all of their families. Her favorite trips of all were when they went to visit her children. He loved his children with all his heart and soul, they meant the world to him. The last trip they took to AZ was the best trip ever. He spent 3-4 weeks with his kids and took them all to all the water parks and the Arizona State Fair. They stayed in a really nice Airbnb. It was really hard for them to leave the kids in AZ because he appreciated and loved the feeling of having his wife and kids under one roof so much. When they came back to MT he bought them a beautiful all white Pitbull puppy named KeyLo Conko that he loved and adored so much. He spoiled him at every opportunity. He would never leave the store without a toy or treat for him. He really enjoyed playing with his RC trucks which can go up to 80 mph. If he didn’t denigrate them, he would fix them or paint them. His wife even got jealous of his trucks because they got his attention so much. He was really happy with the way he lived with his wife and their dog KeyLo. He was happy to be closer to his children and to have them back in his life. He was so happy that he finally regained his full weight. He had one of the best senses of humor ever. He would always have something to say to make you laugh or tease you and go after you in a funny way just to make you laugh or laugh at you 🙂 he was one of those who gave you a helping hand every time someone needed it. Was even willing to give the shirt off his back or his last dollar if needed. He always wanted to make sure everyone he loved was well taken care of and to make sure they were equipped with the best Jordan gear. She was a flashy person who always needed and had the best of everything and was always proud to show it off.

In-Ya leaves behind many family members he loved, his children, his nieces’ nephews, his aunts, his uncles, his brother and sisters, his cousins, his friends and his love Talia. Life will never be the same without him, but we know he’s watching over us from heaven.