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Rivian’s most affordable trim level offered, Explore, is now a thing of the past. It was never available – Rivian planned to introduce it after launch – but now buyers waiting for a more cost-effective model are stuck between a rock and a hard place. Customers who placed an order for an R1T in this specification will now have to choose to upgrade to a more expensive Adventure version or opt for a deposit refund. The Adventure version is priced at $73,000 on Rivian’s website, but that’s for the version with two motors and the standard-range battery. To date, neither the twin-engine configuration nor the standard package was available on the R1Ts.

If you’re looking to reserve an R1T now, Rivian says deliveries for new orders for the only powertrain currently available – four motors with the large battery – should begin in late 2023. That powertrain is priced at $87,000.

We think the R1T offers a lot for the money. We tested the four-motor version, which sprinted from 0-60 mph in a blistering 3.5 seconds, and we were able to go 317 miles on a full charge before running out of juice, beating the EPA’s estimate of 3 miles.

The new R1T timeline

A Rivian representative presented the new R1T schedule, which outlines when customers should expect to receive their truck.

Launch Edition trucks began production last September and customer deliveries are currently underway. After the launch trucks, the Adventure version, whose deliveries began in March of this year. Next in line is the Adventure with the larger-capacity Max Battery, slated to enter production in March 2023. All of these trucks must be equipped with four-motor all-wheel-drive to qualify for this window. construction.

Customers who want either the smaller standard battery or dual-motor all-wheel drive should grab a chair because their truck is going to take a minute. Rivian says those builds will begin in 2024, with no further speculation on which month. It is the price to pay for paying a lower price.