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Families Plead for Justice on 3rd Anniversary of Double Murders on Rocky River Reservation

CLEVELAND, Ohio (WOIO) – A desperate plea for justice on the third anniversary of a brazen double murder in Metro Parks.

Two longtime friends were murdered in broad daylight on June 4, 2019.

The killer has still not been found three years later.

Carnell Sledge and his longtime friend Kate Brown were both shot in the back of the neck.

Darlene Sledge, Carnell’s mother, says the killer was a coward who came after them and took their lives, never giving the two close friends a chance.

She told 19 News she didn’t know why her son who worked with special needs children and loved his family was killed, but it wasn’t a robbery.

“It was not a robbery. Her wallet was there, her purse, her laptop was in her car, nothing was stolen.

Darlene Sledge is a mother with only precious memories, but no justice for her son.

Audrey Posey, Carnell’s grandmother, said her heart was forever broken on that day three years ago.

“It’s the time we spent together,” she said. “We were very close. He loved to eat, and I loved to cook, and whatever my baby wanted, I fixed it.

The two victims met near a park bench off Old Lorain Road and Valley Parkway on the Rocky River Reservation and were shot at around 5 p.m.

“It’s a busy thoroughfare,” Sledge said. “It was a sunny day, it was hot. People were out.

A bustling park in broad daylight, which makes it even more puzzling that no one has come forward to have witnessed the brazen double murder.

But the family found hope after their last conversation with detectives about the case, “That they were taking another look at everything, they took a fresh look just in case something might have been overlooked, and the authorities s are trying to solve this problem because we have a killer, another killer on our streets.

“How they can live with themselves knowing they did this, I’ll never know,” Posey said.

The families of the two victims also wonder if they will ever know why two beautiful and vibrant lives were so savagely taken. But the families are convinced that someone holds the key to justice for Kate and Cornell.

Metro Park police did not respond to a query about the status of the case.

The Cleveland Division of the FBI said it continues to pursue the case based on a well-defined investigative strategy.

They also want to remind the public that a $100,000 reward is available through Crime Stoppers for information leading to an arrest in this double murder.

Witnesses are encouraged to come forward and can remain anonymous.

If you can help, please contact the FBI at (216) 522-1400.

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