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Filmed on the test track of the updated Tesla CyberTruck prototype (video).

Filmed on the test track of the updated Tesla CyberTruck prototype (video).


December 12, 2021 16:16 GMT

Musk has clarified that this is not the final version of the truck and will undergo further modifications before mass production begins.

A video posted to YouTube on December 10 shows a new prototype of the long-awaited Tesla Cybertruck electric truck being tested at a factory in Fremont, California, United States.

The most notable thing about this new car variant is that apart from its huge size it only offers A glass wipe. Tesla is developing a single-blade electromagnetic wiper system and would be the first Tesla vehicle to incorporate this new technology.

Tesla CEO Elon Musk tweeted: he said What is a glass wipe What worries you the most, Due to technical issues during its development.

“It’s not an easy solution. it would be great but complicated», Insisted the businessman.

Musk, on the other hand, made it clear that manufacturers are required by law to provide side mirrors for cars. “Owners can change them“If they want it.

Looks like Tesla updated the CyberTruck front headlights and added three little lights in the middle of the headlights, in its original version the vehicle had a full side headlight.

Musk clarified that this is something that appears in the video. This is not the final version The truck and series will undergo a few more modifications before production begins.

Cybertruck was officially released in November 2019. It’s already here, but not on sale yet. Over 1 million reservations, According to the latest figures from Tesla. The company expects the first deliveries to be completed in 2022.