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Georgia woman finds gun in rental car

She spent hours trying to reach the car rental company and finally got a response two days later

ATLANTA — A gun was the last thing Marianna MacLeod expected to find in the glove compartment of her rental car. And yet, after a weekend in Tennessee, the surprise discovery was made on Sunday.

MacLeod immediately called the rental company, but said she had spent hours trying to reach an Avis representative. MacLeod said her local police station in Atlanta was empty, so she called Monday to tell them about the gun.

An Atlanta police officer came out to retrieve the gun, but MacLeod said she was left with more questions than answers at this point.

“I was so nervous because I was like, ‘What if I had a kid, who opened the glove box? What if it was loaded? “Throughout I just felt there wasn’t really a good procedure for it, with the police department or Avis. No one really knew what to do, and I was just left in limbo with a weapon that was not mine.”

MacLeod said he also noticed a trace of an orange sticker on the car, signaling that the vehicle had already been abandoned. She said she rented the car on Wednesday from the Avis location inside the Loews Midtown Hotel on Peachtree Street. She said she returned the car Tuesday morning.

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Darryl Cohen, legal analyst for 11Alive, considers this a probable mistake. He said that even if someone at the rental car company could be fired, they probably wouldn’t be held legally responsible, nor would anyone who put the gun in the glove compartment.

“He or she left it in the glove box, and no one looked,” Cohen said. “They’re supposed to do a thorough cleaning, and part of that cleaning is checking to see if there are any items left. But, maybe they haven’t. I suspect whoever is running this particular franchise going to face a bit of embarrassment and that he’s going to be disguised because there’s no excuse for this gun to be left in the car.

Cohen said anyone else in a scenario similar to MacLeod’s should not touch the gun because it could leave fingerprints or DNA behind. Cohen recommends calling the police and letting them deal with the situation due to their training.

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MacLeod wants her story to serve as a message to others to check out their rental cars before they go.

“It kind of got me wondering how many guns are missing that we don’t know anything about,” MacLeod said. “Check each compartment. I know that sounds very tedious, and I know that when you travel you get tired and just want to get where you need to go. But, check each compartment.

Shortly before speaking with 11Alive, MacLeod received a call from Avis and told him they had offered him a full refund for his rental.

Atlanta police sent the following statement to 11Alive:

Ideally, we would like to see lost items reunited with the legal owner. However, if the rental company is unresponsive to a problem where a firearm has been left in a rental vehicle, they should call 911 and ask for an agent to intervene and retrieve the firearm. fire.

11Alive contacted Avis and a public relations representative said they were looking into the matter but did not provide an official statement on the situation.