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Here’s how you can get a cheaper car now

Want to rental cars in the united states Currently huge – especially in popular recreation areas Florida, California That is airyThis leads to a lot of use of car rental offers. We give advice on how to find a good rental car anyway and what you should pay attention to.

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Why are rental cars currently so expensive in the United States?

Due to the Corona pandemic and related travel restrictions, car rental companies their fleet around the world went down. Now they would like to restock, but automakers currently cannot produce new cars
Follow the increase in demand. “The situation is exacerbated by chip shortages and disrupted supply chains,” says Tobias Roof, managing director of ADAC Car Rentals. “this affects pricesOn average, you have to pay 50% more, even 70% in the United States. »

If, in addition to Americans, holidaymakers from all over the world visit the USA again in 2022, it can be assumed that prices will remain high for some time.

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How can I find a cheap rental car in the United States?

Basically, the earlier you book, the cheaper the rental car. You can book early without any risk, because you can rent with ADAC Car Rental as long as Cancel the start of the rental for free can do.

J close to school children in the statesuniversity summer holidays in august, which means that many families – like here in Europe – spend their summer holidays during this period. If you are flexible in terms of time and are not limited by summer holidays, you should make a another travel date to select.

Here’s what you need to do when booking your trip full value package keep in mind. Prices vary by destination, as local fleet size and demand vary widely. Particularly popular travel destinations are Miami, Los Angeles, Las Vegas, San Francisco, Chicago and New York.

ADAC car rental ADAC members also have a best price guaranteedThis means that you always book your rental car in the USA at a special price – with a discount on the rental company’s original rental prices. Alamo, National, Hertz and Six.

book a rental car in germany

It is always advisable to book your car rental in the United States from home. On the one hand, you have time to be careful Compare prices and check servicesYou understand the terms of the agreement and have a German-speaking contact personWhich can sustain you later if the worst comes to the worst.

For example the ADAC car rental offers All-inclusive price tested only With all major insurance from Alamo USA, National USA, Hertz USA and Sixt USA. there exists a True all-around protection at no extra costA liability insuranceA additional civil liability insurance with support of $1 million and Protection of windows and tires Involved.

everything else too Costs are displayed transparently, Including all taxes and fees on all services, so you incur unexpected additional costs at the car rental company.

What is the right rental car for me?

When booking a rental car in the United States, ADAC Car Rentals generally recommends a higher vehicle class To be reserved in order to be able to travel comfortably on long journeys. For better orientation, the number of luggage and possible places is given in a price comparison.

What should I keep in mind when booking a rental car?

  1. One way price: Many vacationers plan a round trip and therefore choose a one-way fare, such as picking up the car in New York and returning to Miami. Here you have to be very careful if all costs are listed at the time of booking. Some providers in the marketplace charge between $300 and $500 when crossing multiple states, which is not immediately reflected in the price online.

  2. Vouchers: If you book through ADAC Car Rental, you will receive a voucher for the rental company in the United States. This is unusual at first, but offers some advantages in terms of contacting issues and in handling insurance claims, as the voucher also contains information for the station in English.

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  1. Additional kilometers and drivers: The distance traveled in the United States is not comparable to Europe. It is therefore important that the reserved rate includes unlimited mileage as well as an additional driver in order to be able to alternate regularly on the route.

  2. Tank regulation: You must choose a package that includes the first tank of fuel and then return the car with a full tank (full to full). It’s much cheaper than having the car filled by the rental company when you drop it off.

Advice: Collection of the vehicle directly at the airport

ADAC Car Rental Company strongly recommends direct car rental airport station And
Do not bring it to the city office, as you can usually exchange a car for another of the same class if needed at the airport. called a few times choice linesWhere you have an instant choice between different models.

How do I pay for a rental car in the United States?

After landing, immigration and customs, the way to the rental car counters at the airport is well marked, sometimes you have to use a train or a free shuttle. Arrived at the counter, you show your Well and his original driving license before that.

without credit card in driver’s name But nothing works, because the rental company secures the deposit with it – this applies even if you have an insurance package without deductible.

risk: Even if you have all relevant insurance packages, as with booking through ADAC Car Rentals, there may be times when an attempt has been made to sell another insurance package or fueling arrangement on the site. You should never meddle in this.

How old do you have to be to rent a car in the United States?

The minimum age to rent is 21 years oldSpecial driver under 25 years old U25-all inclusive rate. There are no additional charges for drivers under 25.

If you are traveling to the United States, you should not only learn about traffic rules, but also pay attention to certain peculiarities, for example, traffic lights are often located behind intersections. You should use it even on long journeys cruise
Use – simply because of potentially high speeding fines. Refueling is also unusual for us Europeans. In the United States, you pay first, then you fill up.