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Here’s Why All U-Haul Vehicles Have Arizona License Plates

A shooting in a Brooklyn subway on Tuesday morning brought police to an abandoned U-Haul in search of a suspect. the rent vehicle has an Arizona license plate, but the company says the van was not rented out of state.

This left many curious onlookers with a question: why do all U-Haul rentals have Arizona plates?

Is U-Haul based in Arizona?

Yes. U-Haul’s corporate headquarters are located in Phoenix, where the company registers its entire fleet of vehicles.

“U-Haul International has been headquartered in downtown Phoenix since 1967,” said Jeff Lockridge, media and public relations manager for U-Haul International.

Why are U-Haul trucks registered in Arizona?

U Haul uses a vehicle registration system called the International Registration Plan or IRP. The program allows businesses in Canada and the United States to register their vehicle fleets in one place while paying appropriate expenses at the places where their vehicles are used.

All U-Haul rentals have Arizona license plates due to IRPs – vehicles registered this way receive a license plate from the state in which they are registered. In U-Haul’s case, it’s been sunny Arizona since the late ’60s.

By using this registration form, the jurisdiction to which U-Haul is paying the fee is responsible for sending any monies owed to other jurisdictions where U-Haul trucks may operate.

“Such a vehicle, with respect to registration, can be operated both inter-jurisdictionally and intra-jurisdictionally,” Lockridge wrote in a statement.

How old do you have to be to rent a U-Haul?

According to the U-Haul website, customers must be at least 16 years old to rent trailers and at least 18 years old to rent a truck.

All guests must provide a government issued driver’s license.

Can you take a U-Haul across the country?

U-Hauls can be reserved and transported from Phoenix to anywhere in the United States and Canada where they operate. Prices vary depending on the duration of the trip, but reservations can be made by customers without any additional documents or information beyond the place of destination.

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