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Hero Electric accepts online reservations and delivers scooters to showrooms

Hero Electric has taken the leap to introduce its hybrid sales channel across India.

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01 August 2022, 13:21

Hero Electric will deliver the scooters to showrooms.

Hero Electric on Monday announced the launch of its hybrid sales channel to meet increased demand. The electric two-wheeler maker said it would receive reservations for the electric scooters online and deliver the electric vehicles through its dealerships. Hero Electric had first tried its hybrid sales model successfully in the time of Covid-19 but then pulled out due to the ability to not be able to catch up with showroom sales , claimed the maker of electric vehicles.

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Hero Electric also claimed that the current upward trend in bookings indicates that the number of sales is expected to reach over 250,000 units by the end of FY23 and Hero now has sufficient capacity to meet this.

Speaking about the introduction of the hybrid sales channel, Sohinder Gill, CEO of Hero Electric, said the company strongly believes in face-to-face customer interaction with our well-trained network to touch, feel and ride the bikes before in buy one. He also said that some of his potential customers are now convinced to buy our bikes online, knowing the brand and having heard of their references and acquaintances who have owned one. “These customers enjoy shopping online and having it delivered at their convenience. These customers can now walk into the designated showroom and pick up the one they ordered or can also use the home delivery services offered by many of our resellers. As a leading brand, we are constantly striving to improve the shopping experience for our customers across the country in order to expand our footprint and accelerate the shift to green mobility,” he said. he adds.

Date of first publication: August 01, 2022, 12:48 PM IST