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How to travel more this year with Aeroplan (without changing your daily routine) | Paid content | Buy local | Halifax, Nova Scotia

Jhe spontaneous jet-setter life once seemed out of reach for the average person, but the cost of day-to-day living doesn’t have to keep you from traveling anymore, not with Aeroplan.

Aeroplan has bridged the gap between the seemingly impossible and turned those one-day plans into real tomorrow’s adventures with Air Canada, without compromising your day-to-day. In fact, these everyday purchases will help you make your travel plans a reality.

Take a ride with Uber at the airport? You will get points for this. Ordering eligible takeout with UberEats? More points. Need this morning picking up Starbucks? It is also an Aeroplan partner. Plus, with over 200 retailers available through the Aeroplan Online Storethey’re guaranteed to have your favorites, so you’ll earn points for every dollar you’d have spent anyway.

If that travel itch doesn’t stop, you can hit the road faster with a Aeroplan credit card. Not only will you earn points on every purchase, but you can earn points twice by using your Aeroplan credit card on the Aeroplan online store or by making eligible expenses with partners. That means you’ll get to your dream trip much sooner.

Winning is just one step towards the goal; now, to finally use those points! Aeroplan is designed around how people actually travel, so you can use your points where it matters most to you, at any stage of your trip. Redeeming is simple and flexible: you can cover your entire trip with points (yes, even airport fees), hotel reservations, car rentals or Air Canada vacation packages.

Start turning those dream trips into reality, as more than 1,300 destinations await you with the loyalty program of the most connected airlines in the world.

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Don’t have enough points yet to book that dream trip? Do not worry! You can cover your trip with a combination of points and cash, or pool your points with up to 7 other family members to reach your travel goals faster.

Want to upgrade your trip instead of swapping it for a flight? Use Aeroplan points for cabin class upgrades to any seat on AirCanada flights, in-flight Wi-Fi and lounge access. Plus, if you have an Aeroplan credit card, you’ll often get better redemption value on flights, so you’ll spend fewer points booking the same trip.

Let this be the year you #TravelMoreTravelBetter. Aeroplan helps you take that trip you otherwise couldn’t take, or upgrade it to make it better (without having to compromise your daily life). So go ahead, start turning those dream trips into reality, because more than 1300 destinations await you thanks to the loyalty program of the most connected airlines in the world.

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