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Huawei sets goal of selling 300,000 cars this year

SERES Huawei Smart Selection SF5 is the first model presented for sale in the official Huawei store. Recently, several SERES SF5 car owners complained about various major problems encountered in the car and were forced to stop production as well as sales as soon as possible.

In this segment, a SERES SF5 car owner reported that on several car communities that they had been “cut leaked”, the car was stopped shortly after its purchase.

However, another owner of SERES SF5 threatened the company with finding 370 owners in order to simultaneously protect their rights. On the other hand, a Huawei SERES SF5 smart car user from Dongguan, Guangdong, reported that this car has eight major problems.

A car owner with a license plate located reported that the Cirrus SF5 had eight issues. The owner is focused on stopping production and sales as soon as possible.

Major issues:

This SERES SF5 smart car comes with higher than advertised fuel consumption, fake battery life and car chocks. In addition, several car owners also indicated in the complaint mail that they were facing the issue of suspension of production and sales shortly after purchasing the car resulting in other issues such as low vehicle value retention and a lack of after-sales service.

Huawei SERES SF5 sales:

Huawei Smart Selection Beijing store sales told Chinese media that in September 2021, the SERES SF5 sold more than 800 vehicles in total, and Beijing sold more than 100 vehicles. Since Huawei announced its collaboration with Xiaokang Shares in April 2020, data from the Travel Federation has shown that from April to August, SERES SF5 sales were 129, 204, 1097, 507 and 715, respectively.

Until the end of November 2021, sales of SERES SF5 reached 6,997 units. Additionally, in April 2020 at the Shanghai Auto Show, Huawei CEO Yu Chengdong announced the target of “5 million annual sales” at the SERES SF5 press conference. However, the SERES SF5 clearly fell short of Huawei’s expectations.

Huawei AITO M5:

Last December, Huawei launched the HarmonyOS-powered AITO M5 SUV, which is the first car to feature a HarmonyOS-powered cockpit. Since Huawei announced the launch of the first HarmonyOS car, many customers have been eagerly awaiting this car in China.

As a result, in just 4 days after launch, Huawei AITO M5 car pre-orders exceeded 6,500 units. The latest figures from his pre-booking are very good in terms of the initial response.

Also, this clearly reflects that the sellers of SERES SF5, the popularity of this new car has actually exceeded that of the SERES SF5 in all respects.

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