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Illinois auto insurance rates rise with inflation; how to find deals, discounts and quotes for cheap insurance

CHICAGO (WLS) — Your car insurance bill can be significantly higher lately, with some consumers paying up to 30% more.

“Every extra expense, especially while I’m not currently working, is really, really hard,” said Christina Byrnes of Chicago.

Drivers like her are trying to stem rising car insurance rates.

“There are always supply chain issues because of the pandemic. So, for example, the cost of repairing vehicles is more expensive, which drives up the cost of car insurance,” the defender said. of Ben Moore consumers at Nerd Wallet.

They and the Illinois Public Interest Research Group have been monitoring auto insurance price increases.

“It ranges from 8-10% on the low and almost 30% on the high,” said Abe Scarr of PIRG.

There are steps you can take to save. First, ask your insurer if you are eligible for discounts.

“For example, maybe you’ve gone years without having a car accident or traffic violation, you might qualify for a good driver discount that might be missing,” Moore adds.

You can also learn about programs that reduce costs for people who don’t drive as often, known as “pay per mile” insurance.

“You either get a plug-in device that plugs into your car’s diagnostic port that tracks your car’s mileage, or you download an app on your smartphone that automatically tracks the mileage you drive,” Moore said.

You can also try to save money by bundling car insurance with a home insurance policy and considering increasing your deductible, which means you would pay more to repair your car after an accident.

“I will say only do it if you know you have enough money to cover a deductible in case you get into a car accident and need to file a claim,” Moore advised.

The Illinois PIRG said cost challenges are even more difficult to manage in our state.

“We believe Illinois needs to do more to protect auto insurance customers,” Scarr said. “It’s just us and Wyoming doing nothing to regulate rates.”

Although you need liability insurance, experts say that if your car isn’t worth much, you might want to consider removing your comprehensive and collision damage waiver to lower your bill. But be prepared to pay directly for the damages.

Remember to shop around for new quotes every year for the best deal.

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