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IMC Capital Investment to Inject $1.2 Million in Recent Share Acquisition Deal with APMG Exotics

This investment will bring the car company’s valuation to $6.8 million.

LOS ANGELES, Calif./ACCESSWIRE/September 10, 2022/ US holding company IMC Capital Investment is pleased to announce its new share acquisition agreement with APMG Exotics.

APMG Exotics, Saturday September 10, 2022, Image from press release

“Capitalizing APMG was a strategic decision made by IMC’s Board of Directors. The board has been seeking to invest in the US auto market for 2 years,” noted Jun5, Vice President of IMC Capital Investment.

APMG Exotics was founded by Nazar Doukhnevich in 2016 with an initial investment of $3,200,000 led by SUN Capital Management Group. In 2017, APMG Exotics took over Mitsubishi’s headquarters showroom and opened its first 5-star service dealership in Seattle, Washington. Since then, APMG has focused on creating a one-stop auto service home for its customers.

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“APMG Exotics embodies an exotic rental department, full-service detailing, used car trading platform, mechanical body shop and private fleet service,” a company spokesperson noted. , adding that with their high-quality services, they have already attracted a number of high-end customers.

Unfortunately, the spokesperson noted, 2020 has been an extremely difficult year for the automotive industry, including APMG Exotics.

During the pandemic, APMG Exotics has increased its stocking capacity of certified pre-owned vehicles. In order to combat the weakening market, the company made the strategic decision to move its exotic car rental department to Los Angeles, California.

Nine months later, the used-vehicle market has surged, helping the company not only survive the market turmoil, but also increase its profitability in 2021.

Asked why IMC Capital Investment decided to invest in APMG, Vice Chairman Jun5 replied, “IMC board members are confident in Mr. Doukhnevich’s ability to generate income in a very volatile market.

“APMG Exotics has always been at the forefront of the U.S. automotive market. From leasing to retail, pre-owned to Certified Pre-Owned vehicles, APMG is dedicated to providing the latest models to its customers and In the post-pandemic automotive market, APMG has now fully updated its customer-only exotic car collections,” the spokesperson noted.

APMG Exotics also announced its plans for an “electric green fleet” for the upcoming fiscal year 2023. Specifically, they plan to use this investment round for a massive purchase of electric vehicles.

“It’s time for us to take our share of responsibility for building a low-carbon economic model,” Doukhnevich said.

“We will set up a task force dedicated to creating the electric green fleet, which will significantly reduce operating costs and give the automotive company an edge in customer satisfaction.”

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APMG Exotics opened its first 5-star service dealership in Seattle, WA in 2017. Since then, APMG has focused on creating a one-stop automotive service home for its customers. The automotive business includes an exotic rental department, a complete detailing service, a used car exchange platform, a mechanical body shop and a private fleet service. For more information, please follow

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