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Insurance Navy Names 2022 Cars With Lowest Auto Insurance Rates

CHICAGO, May 18, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — There are clear trends in the world of auto insurance, and Insurance Navy insurance agents strive to uncover them every day. Every year the cost of car insurance changes and each make and model is subject to different car insurance rates. While some auto insurance statistics for 2022 have yet to be released, Insurance Navy has already discounted some of the new cars that come with the cheapest auto insurance rates.

This year, the cheapest makes and models to insure are the Honda CR-V LX, Jeep Wrangler JL Sport, Subaru Crosstrek and Subaru Forester 2.5l. A CR-V LX costs approximately $1,574 annually to fully insure, and the Forester 2.5l is approximately $1,613. The rest of the previously mentioned vehicles cost between this maximum and this minimum. This is actually less than the national average of approximately $1,630.

“We’ve found that SUVs and small minivans are vehicles with some of the lowest auto insurance rates,” says the CEO of Insurance Navy. Fadi Sneineh. “These cars are often built for passengers and families, so they need to go above and beyond for their safety features. Car insurance companies like ours love these cars for that reason.”

Of course, car insurance discounts also play a big role in car insurance rates, so it’s possible anyone could save even more when buying car insurance on one of these cars. Ultimately, it’s estimated that auto insurance policyholders with safe cars can save up to several hundred dollars on their auto insurance if they maintain safe driving habits.

Here is the average car insurance premium for each of these four cars:

Honda CR-V LX – $1,574

Jeep Wrangler JL Sport – $1,585

Subaru Crosstrek – $1,606

Subaru Forester 2.5I – $1,613

In order to save on car insurance if you don’t own one of these cars, it’s worth evaluating and even upgrading your car’s safety features. Safety measures go a long way when buying cheap car insuranceand these makes and models are proof of that.

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