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Is on-demand service in demand, including fuel delivery?

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Take a well-established industry, disrupt it using more advanced technology, deliver excellent customer service to satisfy the most discerning consumers, and bingo, you’d have the on-demand economy.

Or, as This article says it, “The gig economy is seen as economic activity generated by technology companies that satisfy customer demand through the instantaneous supply of goods and services.

Almost everyone is now familiar with on-demand car-sharing companies such as Uber Technologies Inc. UBER and LYFT Inc. LYFT that have disrupted the traditional taxi industry. For the hospitality and leisure industry, consider Airbnb inc. ABNBor for a business threatening the dominance of rental car companies such as Avis Budget Group Inc. SELFthinks Turo, which plans to debut soon on the New York Stock Exchange with its business model of private car owners leasing their own vehicles.

Today, a growing number of on-demand fuel delivery companies are taking advantage of the dwindling number of gas stations in the United States and the concomitant demand reported by drivers to have their vehicles fueled by delivery companies. who come to them. The service is aimed at both individuals and commercial enterprises.

Some of the major oil players such as Exxon Mobil Corp. XOM and Shell plc SHEL are already heavily invested in the sector. Shell has its own on-demand fuel delivery company, TapUp, and Exxon Mobil has invested in Yoshi.

On demand only?

A Florida-based company is trying to make a name for itself by focusing on the on-demand fuel delivery business.

EZFill Holdings Inc. EZFL for now is focused on his home state of Florida, where he says he is expanding beyond his base in Miami to operate in other major cities such as Tampa and Orlando. The company also plans to become a nationwide presence focused on southeastern and northeastern states, including New York.

Unlike other players in the industry, EZFill claims to be the only on-demand fuel delivery company that offers its services in three silos: individual, commercial and specialty, including marinas. For example, EZFill recently signed an agreement with Brickell Place Marina in Miami to offer on-demand fuel delivery services to boat owners.

The company would rely heavily on expansion. It acquired 33 new fuel delivery vehicles in October, tripling the size of its fleet.

“Fleet owners and consumers continue to reduce their reliance on traditional gas stations and turn to the convenience, cost-effectiveness, peace of mind and security of mobile delivery to fuel their vehicles,” said the CEO. from EZFill, Mike McConnell on the fleet expansion announcement.

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This post contains sponsored advertising content. This content is for informational purposes only and is not intended to be investment advice.