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kanjurmarg: Mumbai: MOHUA has reservations on Kanjurmarg land for metro car shed, cites ‘operational problems’; Bombay HC says Center and State should find solution | Bombay News

MUMBAI: The Union Ministry of Housing and Urban Affairs (MOHUA) has highlighted some “operational issues” regarding the use of Kanjurmarg land as a handover depot for Metro 3 cars in a letter quoted before the High Bombay court on Thursday.
The letter expressing reservations on the Kanjurmarg site seemed to suggest that fewer trains might run if Kanjurmarg is the car depot. The HC told the State and the Center to try to come together and find a solution.
The bench led by the Chief Justice said: “Every day the costs are rising. After all, we can’t forget that it’s our (people’s) money.”
The letter recorded the technical difficulties expressed by Delhi Metro which is playing a role in the construction of Mumbai Metro 3. The Bench of Chief Justice Dipankar Datta and Justice Girish Kulkarni have told the Mumbai Metropolitan Area Development Authority (MMRDA) and can then discuss the issue of compensation. .
The dispute before the HC was between the central government and the state over the use of the Kanjurmarg land for the Metro 3 car shed. The state said it had always owned the land and that the Center had filed a petition claiming title to the land. The HC had granted a reprieve on the work on the car shed in December 2020 on the ground and MMRDA had asked last year for the reprieve to be lifted.
The HC had asked both parties to find a solution, without much success.
On Thursday, Chief Justice Datta again said orally: “All these issues can be settled.
The bench told Center and State orally, “We are all here to serve the public. Why take your disputes to court. Forget the differences. You should collect all your offices. Please forget past conflicts of opinion and try to make a fresh start.’
Senior lawyer Darius Khambata for MMRDA said he had a meeting with officials but was not informed of the letter by MOHUA. Additional Solicitor General Anil Singh for the Center said the letter was also sent to MMRDA.
He said Aarey’s plot would lead to more tree hacking if it turned out to be the alternative to Kanjurmarg.
Khambata said, “If it is technically feasible, we will support with legal authority, but until then the project must not stop. We are coming to the end of the (metro) lines.”
The HC said: “This roadblock must first be cleared – the operational difficulties.”