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Launch of ASAP tariffs in the Corporate Store – Rental software

The software will soon be added to other Rent-A-Wreck and NP Auto franchises, including the opening of a NextCar location at Tampa Airport.

Photo courtesy of NP Auto Group

ASAP Rent rental software was introduced at the Rent-A-Wreck corporate store in Baltimore City, Maryland. It was announced in a statement that it will be the largest store for the new software to date, with the Rent-A-Wreck Baltimore City store running a fleet of around 100 cars.

Beginning with a concept for redesigning reservation systems for the Rent-A-Wreck and NP Auto Group, NextCar and Priceless brands, the company has partnered with software developers Softmonks, led by Shivprasad Ajgaonkar, to offer franchisees a complete – platform in one to monitor fleet, rates and reservations without needing a license from an external software provider.

“This is an exciting time for our franchisees, we were able to demonstrate and walk through the platform at our Las Vegas convention in 2021, and as more franchises and corporate stores join the platform , this allows us to make changes to the program to ensure it best serves users,” Rent-A-Wreck President Jason Manelli said in the statement. “You don’t realize all the uses a system like this has to have until a team member uses it in action with a customer.

Manelli, the Softmonks team and store manager Penny Sottile worked on the transition from the old software provider used previously.