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Lower gas prices to fuel Labor Day travel

IDAHO FALLS, Idaho (KIFI) – Travelers can expect busy roads and crowded airports for Labor Day weekend.

According to AAA, overall bookings for airline tickets, hotels, rental cars, cruises and sightseeing tours are up 22% from a year ago.

Motorists will face the heaviest traffic on Thursday afternoon and Monday afternoon.

Based on AAA bookings, this year’s top Labor Day travel destinations include:

  1. Las Vegas, Nevada
  2. Seattle, WA
  3. Anaheim, California
  4. Salt Lake City, UT
  5. Jackson Hole, Wyoming
  6. Oregon Coast
  7. Spokane, WA
  8. Honolulu, Hawaii
  9. Vancouver, British Columbia
  10. San Diego, California

State parks and national parks are also expected to be very busy on weekends.

With the increased volume of Labor Day trips, families will also pay more for the privilege. The cheapest average plane ticket is 30% more expensive than in 2020 at the heart of the pandemic. The lowest average rate for a AAA Three Diamond hotel is up 53% and car rentals are up 32%.

“Petrol prices have been falling steadily since Independence Day, and while they are still much higher than a year ago, that won’t be enough to deter most people from following through on their retirement plans. Labor Day trip,” said AAA Idaho’s director of public affairs. says Matthieu Condé. “It’s clear from the increase in travel bookings that people are willing to spend more for a last summer hurrah.”

The average regular gasoline price in Idaho is $4.56 a gallon, down 7 cents from a week ago and 35 cents down from a month ago, but 76 cents down more than a year ago. Drivers in other parts of the country are doing better, with the U.S. average currently standing at $3.83 a gallon, five cents lower than a week ago and 38 cents lower than a week ago. a month, but 66 cents more than a year ago.

The West Texas Intermediate benchmark for crude oil recently fell below $90 a barrel on expectations of a drop in demand after Labor Day, which could provide further relief at the pump.

Here’s a seven-year look back at Labor Day gas prices:

2021 $3.79 $3.19
2020 $2.47 $2.22
2019 $2.80 $2.58
2018 $3.24 $2.84
2017 $2.77 $2.64
2016 $2.46 $2.20
2015 $2.85 $2.40

AAA plans to provide roadside assistance for up to 545,000 vehicle breakdowns over Labor Day weekend, including 960 here in Idaho. In addition to towing due to a mechanical problem, the main culprits will be flat tires, dead batteries and blockages. Travelers are encouraged to have their car checked by a trusted mechanic before hitting the road. For a list of AAA Authorized Auto Repair Centers, visit

“At this time of year, temperatures can fluctuate significantly at night and at different elevations,” Conde said. “Don’t forget the essentials of your emergency kit, such as food and water, extra clothes and blankets, a flashlight with extra batteries, flares or reflectors, a first aid kit and basic tools.”

Here’s a look at gasoline prices in Idaho as of Thursday:

  • Wood – $4.68
  • Coeur d’Alene – $4.30
  • Franklin – $4.58
  • Idaho Falls – $4.53
  • Lewiston – $4.01
  • Pocatello – $4.66
  • Rexbourg – $4.67
  • Twin Falls – $4.64

You can find the lowest gas prices in the area HERE.