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Mercedes-Benz simplifies Mercedes me Charge charging rates in Europe

From June 2022, a new tariff system will apply to the approximately 300,000 charging stations in the Mercedes me Charge network in Europe. Mercedes me Charge will offer three new charging tariffs tailored to individual driving performance.

Mercedes me Charge offers customers access to more than 850 charging station operators in Europe. With the introduction of the new tariff system, customers will also have access to fixed prices which apply regardless of operator. Mercedes-Benz thus creates maximum cost transparency and ensures that its customers do not experience any cost surprises or uncertainties at public charging stations.

The new intelligent tariff system allows customers to adapt their tariff to their individual billing behavior and optimize costs.

Mercedes me Charge S: for occasional chargers. All charging stations in the Mercedes me Charge network can be used without a basic monthly subscription. Charging costs depend on the conditions of the respective charging network operator. Tariff S is particularly attractive for customers who mainly charge at their own charging station at home or at their place of work, and who only occasionally wish to benefit from the convenience of having access to one of the largest networks. charging.

Mercedes me Charge M: for conventional chargers. Tariff M, with a basic monthly fee of €4.90, appeals to urban commuters, for example. Charging at all Mercedes me Charge charging stations is possible with Tariff M at a fixed price per kilowatt hour, regardless of what the respective charging network operator would otherwise charge per kilowatt hour. Tariff M is suitable for customers who charge more frequently on the road and who prefer fixed and predictable charging costs. For new car buyers of a Mercedes-Benz plug-in hybrid, the base fee is waived in the first year.

Mercedes me Charge L: for frequent chargers. Tariff L is intended for customers traveling long distances who charge more frequently on the road and prefer fixed and plannable costs. With a monthly basic charge of €17.90, this tariff allows even cheaper charging at fixed prices within the Mercedes me Charge network. Ultra-fast charging up to 350 kW on the IONITY network is also available under the best conditions with rate L.

In addition, there are no additional costs in Germany in the form of a “blocking fee” when charging between 9:00 p.m. and 8:00 a.m. This means that owners of an electric vehicle without their own wallbox charger can charge overnight at public charging stations at no additional cost.

For new car buyers of an all-electric Mercedes-EQ, the base charge is waived for the first year and, for the EQS, charging charges at IONITY stations are included for one year from activation of service.

Mercedes Me Charge S Mercedes Me Charge M Mercedes me Charge L
Basic fees €4.90 / month €17.90 / month
AC load operator-specific terms €0.39/kWh, plus €0.06 per minute from the 180th minute €0.33/kWh, plus €0.06 per minute from the 180th minute
9 p.m. – 8 a.m. €0.33/kWh
DC load: operator-specific terms €0.49/kWh, plus €0.20 per minute from the 60th minute €0.39/kWh, plus €0.20 per minute from the 60th minute
IONITY fast charging stations (up to 350 kW) €0.79/kWh €0.49/kWh €0.35/kWh

Mercedes me Charge allows its customers to charge with green electricity at any public charging station in Europe, the United States and Canada. Green charging works by then balancing a charging process with energy from renewable resources. This ensures that equivalent amounts of green energy are injected into the power grid after the charging process is complete. For this purpose, high-quality guarantees of origin are used, which verifiably certify the origin of the energy and serve as a kind of birth certificate for electricity from renewable energy sources.

Green electricity is defined and marked by the EKOenergy eco-label, which is only awarded to certified power plants. In addition, incentives are created to invest in renewable energy plants.

Mercedes me Charge also includes more than 1,500 charging stations that run exclusively on green electricity. These are part of the IONITY fast charging network, co-founded by Mercedes-Benz in 2017, located along major European roads and highways.