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Mountain View Police Chief: Wounded officer recovers at home, suspect in custody | New

The July 16 shooting occurred shortly after midnight on July 16 as an officer working overtime for DUI enforcement was carrying out a traffic stop at Villa Street and Wild Cherry Lane, according to the department.

“It was while walking towards the driver’s side door that he was shot,” Hsiung said of the officer, a five-year department veteran who the city does not name. “He immediately broadcast it on the radio. He played heroically, calmly, spreading information so that the response units knew what he knew at the time. He treated himself with first aid, and I’m happy to say he’s in good spirits and doing well and recovering at home.

Hsiung said the officer was shot in the upper body, but declined to say where. After shooting the officer, the suspect fled by car and crashed a short time later.

“We had someone call our dispatch center to report a hit and run,” Hsiung said. “Our dispatcher quickly put two and two together and figured out it was the same car. Officers descended on that area to attempt to cordon it off and search for the suspect.”

Hsiung said the fired weapon was a handgun, but could not confirm whether the weapon was recovered as evidence.

“Car stops can be some of the most benign touch points, but also some of the most dangerous, because an officer approaching a car really knows nothing about the person inside or the dangers they face. faces,” Hsiung said. . “…It was a very stark example of the dangers, which in a matter of seconds can turn for the worst.”

The officer, a father, is “in good spirits” recovering at home with his family and “very much looking forward to getting back to work,” the police chief said.

Getting the call that an officer has been shot is “the one call you never want to get as a leader,” Hsiung said, “and it’s the one call that gets you out of bed and immediately activates everything. everyone in the department, all resources, all hands on deck.

The last time a Mountain View police officer was shot in the line of duty was in 2002.

“Ironically, it was the supervisor working last night when this happened,” Hsiung said of the officer shot two decades ago.

The department released two still images from the injured officer’s body camera on July 16. Hsiung said there were no plans to release the footage.

“It’s a fine line that we try to walk between showing the seriousness of what happened but also not traumatizing,” Hsiung said. “It is upsetting, both for the officer, for the officer’s family or for many people. Gun violence can be a trigger, so we try to give as much information as possible without overdoing it.