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On holiday? These Google Maps TIPS and TRICKS will make it better, try it now

It helps to know some Google Maps tips and tricks that will save you time, make reservations, and navigate to the location you want quickly.

Christmas is almost here! It is the time of the holidays and the holidays for all. So, to get the most out of your vacation travel plans, you can turn to your Google Maps. There was a time when Google Maps was limited to getting directions, but now it provides the whole package to make your trips easier and less inconvenient. From finding a store in a large mall to tracking your flights, hotel, car rental and even booking your restaurant ahead of time for vacation dinner, all of these things are available. So here are some Google Maps tips and tricks to make your vacation go smoothly.

Google Maps tips and tricks

Track your vacation package in Google Maps

While traveling, it becomes difficult to keep track of all of your reservations, and searching your emails can be frustrating. But thanks to Google Maps which can track your trips, and also quickly display vacation flight, hotel, rental car and restaurant reservations to save your time and focus on one main thing, “enjoying the vacation.” “. You can view your upcoming reservations:

1. Go to Google Maps, tap on the Saved option in the bottom row of the menu.

2. Click Reservations, where you’ll see a list of all your upcoming reservations that Maps has pulled from Gmail.

3. If you click on a reservation, you will be able to find out more, such as date and location.

In addition, in a simple way, you can search directly for “my reservations” in the search field of Google Maps.

Book your restaurant table in Google Maps

If you haven’t booked holiday dinner or if you’re running out of time to check out restaurants, Google Maps can help you book restaurants.

1. Go to Google Maps, tap on the Restaurants option at the top and you will see a list of the nearest places to eat.

2. Next, select a restaurant that suits you and a pop-up option will appear on the screen to reserve a table. However, not everyone does, but can always point you to the best places to eat.

Stop running and browse airports and shopping malls

Google Maps said in November that its directory page would be expanded to include all airports, malls and transportation stations. This will save you time running around the airport looking for a place to eat or picking up last minute items before your flight. Google Maps will show you the floor where your desired location is located and even the opening hours.

So, now stop worrying about reservations and finding the right place and just focus on your vacation!