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Porsche Taycan: What’s new for 2023

Porsche has regularly updated its first electric vehicle, the Taycan, since the luxury sedan launched in 2020. These include new variants like last year’s sporty new GTS and the wagon-esque Cross Turismo body style. from 2021 (the latter currently sits at the top of our ranking for super luxury electric cars).

The changes for 2023 might seem more subtle at first, consisting basically of a software update and some minor feature changes. But dig a little deeper and you’ll find that the upgrades are a major quality-of-life improvement for potential Taycan buyers and current Taycan owners. Here’s why.

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The most obvious changes are to the multimedia system, which adds new graphics and a tweaked user interface. The head-up display is also overhauled and wireless Android Auto has been added, putting this smartphone system on par with the wireless Apple CarPlay that was already on board. Navigation can also filter charging stations based on power output – no more sifting through an ocean of Level 2 chargers to find a fast DC charging station.

Less apparent but equally important are two key powertrain and battery updates that will improve the Taycan’s range and charging speed. For dual-motor (read: all-wheel-drive) Taycan variants, the front motor deactivates in Normal and Range drive modes. This means that when the front motor is not needed in daily driving, it disconnects so that it does not consume any battery power. This trick should add more range to the Taycan, but exactly how much remains to be seen. We’ve already found that the Taycan exceeds its EPA-estimated range of 203 miles, clocking 323 miles in Edmunds’ EV range tests.

The Taycan’s battery can now precondition itself to an optimal temperature faster for fast DC charging, which should translate to less time spent at a station. Quick-charging stations are the weapon of choice for long EV journeys, and this update makes those stops a little quicker, getting you back on the road sooner, where the Taycan really shines.

Good news for current Taycan owners

Do you feel left out if you’ve ever bought a Taycan? Don’t! Porsche says the software updates the 2023 Taycan will benefit from out of the box are backwards compatible with previous Taycan models from 2020 (the car’s debut) through 2022. The update will need to be installed by a dealer so that ‘it takes a trip to the service center, but it won’t cost anything. Timing details have not yet been released for older models, but will be available soon.

Other updates

Software changes are the big story, but the Taycan also sees some small feature changes for 2023, with the base 19-inch wheel replaced by the Taycan S Aero wheel and pre-wiring for a Porsche dash cam now offered. . Variable lighting control is now offered on all Taycans fitted with the panoramic glass roof; this system allows drivers to darken the roof glass via a small slider mounted above the rear-view mirror. It won’t completely block out light, but it does help tame the sun on hot, sunny days.

Edmunds says

A software update may seem minor, but the changes to the 2023 Taycan significantly improve its technology and powertrain management. And owners of existing Taycans will also reap the benefits.