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Reasons it’s so popular

Maruti Suzuki recently introduced the all-new Grand Vitara in the Indian market. The midsize SUV that will hit the market later this year is already gaining a lot of popularity. According HT AutoMaruti Suzuki has already garnered more than 33,000 reservations on the Grand Vitara, with 48% choosing the strong hybrid version of the car.

What makes the powerful hybrid variants of the Grand Vitara so popular? We haven’t driven the car yet, but there are several reasons for the growing popularity of powerful hybrid variants.

Fuel efficiency comparable to diesel

Maruti Suzuki exited the diesel engine market a few years ago when the Indian government announced BS6 emission standards. This disappointed many buyers who needed the lower running costs of diesel engines. Maruti aggressively promoted CNG variants and these found takers – but many diesel enthusiasts were forced to turn to other brands. Or to withhold their purchases. In the powerful hybrid variants of the Grand Vitara, these buyers have now found an ideal alternative to diesel engines.

The strong hybrid option offers exceptional fuel efficiency and in terms of running costs, it can offer diesel-like or even better economy. And although official prices have not been announced, it is expected that they will be priced as the diesel variants would have been priced if available.

According to ARAI figures, the all-new Grand Vitara with a powerful hybrid powertrain returns a solid 27.97 km/l. It will become the most fuel efficient SUV in the Indian market even though there is no diesel engine option.

Demand for the strong hybrid variant of the Grand Vitara is also reflected in bookings for its sibling, the Toyota HyRyder. Even there, strong hybrid variants are in high demand.

No risk of being banned

33,000 reservations for the Maruti Grand Vitara: 48% for the Strong Hybrid

Even though diesel cars over 10 years old and petrol cars over 15 years old are banned in Delhi-NCR and many other parts of the country, there will be no such risks for hybrid. The powerful hybrid Grand Vitara has a gasoline engine and an electric motor. No diesel option means no risk of being banned in the future. The National Green Tribunal is even planning to ban all kinds of BS4 diesel vehicles from Delhi-NCR to control pollution. However, since the government promotes respect for the environment, we believe that no such ban will affect these vehicles.

The automatic is standard with the strong hybrid

33,000 reservations for the Maruti Grand Vitara: 48% for the Strong Hybrid

While Maruti Suzuki will offer the strong hybrid version of the Grand Vitara only with the automatic transmission. Like all other hybrid vehicles in the world, the strong hybrid system of the Grand Vitara Intelligent Electric Hybrid or IEH will only offer an automatic transmission. The car will come with a CVT automatic transmission as standard. With the increasing popularity of automatic transmissions, many customers will probably be happy to get the automatic transmission as standard.

Pure electric mode

33,000 reservations for the Maruti Grand Vitara: 48% for the Strong Hybrid

Like all potent hybrids, the all-new Grand Vitara will also offer pure EV mode. This allows the car to use the charge stored in the hybrid system’s batteries to travel short distances. Since Maruti Suzuki has not revealed the exact distance the Grand Vitara will be able to cover on pure electric power alone, we cannot comment on the same. However, typically electric hybrid cars can cover a distance of 5 km to 20 km in pure electric mode. This will be especially useful for those who often run small errands.

The strong hybrid Grand Vitara is more potent than the mild hybrid variants

The mild hybrid variants of the Grand Vitara offer 114 hp compared to the mild hybrid’s lower 101 hp. So even if you pay a little more compared to the mild hybrid, here you get extra power, extra fuel economy and an automatic transmission. Put them all together, and the strong hybrid emerges as a more attractive purchase than the mild hybrid Grand Vitara.