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Rental Car Association takes a stand against illegal operations – FBC News

A special sub-committee has been set up to deal with illegal operators, said Fiji Rental Car Association chairman Shalit Kumar.

Kumar says the sub-committee will liaise with statutory strategic partners on the matter for a constant flow of information.

Kumar says the leaders of the association had a fruitful meeting with the Land Transport Authority to discuss the issues currently threatening the car rental industry.

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He says these operators operate openly, advertise on social media, and many people run fleets of up to 10 or more private cars.

Kumar says the increase in the VAT component recently announced in the revised budget is going to have a big impact on operators as they pay their taxes and operate within the legal limits of the LTA law.

However, he points out that illegal operators do not pay VAT or taxes and do not operate within legal limits.

Kumar says they are already in talks with other statutory organizations to unite to take tough action against illegal operators.

Executive members of the Fiji Rental Car Association will be in the West tomorrow to meet with rental car operators in each district, get feedback and discuss the challenges faced by operators in their day-to-day operations with a view to looking at possible solutions to facilitate their way of doing business in the current circumstances.