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Rivian Files Patent for ‘Front Dig Mode’ – What Exactly Is It?

Rivian ditched the tank turn but trademarked “Front Dig Mode” last month to give a tight turning radius to rival four-wheel steering.

Rivian has filed a patent for its “front search mode”

In 2019, when Rivian was another EV company, it teased the “tank spin,” in which a new R1T truck got in, spun, and went. Rivian can create”Forward digging mode,which twists tighter and may be easier for EV drivers. However, it could also damage many trails.

Even though Rivian seemed to have temporarily given up on the tank turn, that doesn’t mean he didn’t start over. A similar feature called “Front Dig Mode” appears to give a small turning radius to match potential rivals with four-wheel steering, according to a patent application filed by Rivian last month.

Dirty B and the Rivian Forums published the patent that Rivian filed on July 19. The patent points out that the technologies and processes can be used to drive an automobile. Front dig mode is initiated when vehicle speed is below a threshold and at least one front wheel is spinning too fast.

It gives forward torque to the front wheels. The inside rotation of the rear wheel also encounters resistance. The outer rear wheel also receives torque.

The Rivian vehicle uses its torque to drive multiple wheels and efficiently spin the electric vehicle. The entire front and rear outer wheel is pushed forward (in the direction of the turn). The inner rear wheel spins backwards to provide resistance, causing the mobility device to move in a tight circular motion.

As with many patents, Rivian could only seek protection for the front dig mode and did not plan to include it in their cars.

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Rivian made a loss of $1.71 billion in the second quarter of 2022

Based on $364 million in sales, Rivian, the famous electric car maker sponsored by Ford and Amazon, released a net loss of $1.71 billion in the second quarter of 2022.

Although slow from the previous quarter, when Rivian posted a net loss of $1.59 billion based on $95 million in sales, it’s a clue that Rivian’s fledgling electric vehicle company is taking. momentum. The company’s sales exceeded Wall Street projections by about $26 million.

The profitability report indicates that Rivian still has a long way to go before it can deliver on its promise to change the automotive industry with emission-free trucks and SUVs themed around outdoor adventure. The company plans to use up to $700 million in cash this year.

Rivian manufactured 4,401 automobiles during the quarter, an increase of 72% over the prior quarter, and delivered 4,467 vehicles, an increase of 267%. The company hasn’t broken down its Amazon-made EDV and R1T vehicles. R1S SUV deliveries will begin later this year.

To build 25,000 automobiles this year, the company needs to generate 18,046 over the next eight months, or 9,023 each quarter. It’s doable, but difficult. In its last earnings call, Rivian had over 90,000 R1T and R1S bookings. The automaker reports 98,000 reservations.

The company had to navigate rough seas to get here. About 800 employees, or about 6% of Rivian’s 14,000 workers, were laid off last month. It also cited the need to cut spending to accelerate the development of new models of its electric trucks and SUVs.

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