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Tesla’s new cloud-based profiles help drivers easily switch between electric vehicles

The technology is introduced with households that own multiple Tesla vehicles in mind.

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25 August 2022, 11:59

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US electric vehicle giant Tesla has launched a new cloud-based “Profiles” feature that allows drivers to frequently switch between multiple versions of the company’s electric vehicles. The feature is being added to Tesla vehicles with the latest over-the-air software update and will remember vehicle settings. These will then sync when the profile owner gets behind the wheel of another Tesla.

The technology is being introduced with households that own multiple Tesla vehicles in mind and for businesses that have multiple Tesla models in their fleets, and for anyone renting one of the company’s electric vehicles. For example, last year rental company Hertz announced the purchase of 100,000 Teslas, starting with the Model 3 and then expanding the fleet to include the Model Y SUV.

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With the Tesla Profiles feature, various features can be synced such as mirror, seat and steering wheel settings, autopilot, driving and climate preferences, navigation, media and data sharing settings.

Other updates that will come to Tesla vehicles with the cloud profile feature include the ability to choose the position of the blind spot camera display, uninstall video games to free up space on the VE hard drive, disable Sentry mode noises, among other things, as reported by Electrek. The rear passenger climate controls can also be set to automatic.

On the other hand, Tesla drivers who have signed up for the company’s FSD (Full Self-Driving) beta program are eagerly awaiting access to their own software update. The FSD 10.69 beta rollout will involve many code changes, but Tesla has confirmed that it will be available to everyone by the end of 2022. The automaker is also raising the price of the FSD package from $12,000 to $15,000. $ for any car purchased after September 5th. .

Date of first publication: August 25, 2022, 11:59 AM IST