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The Character Of The Reservation Dogs You Are Based On Your Zodiac Sign

If your big birthday party falls under the sign of Libra (September 22-October 23), your “Reservation Dogs” persona is the carb-laden spirit of William Knifeman. Sure, he’s not Crazy Horse or one of those great guys – more your “unknown warrior” – but he’s still hanging around guiding Bear, Uncle Brownie and his other clients on their journeys through life with his stoic wisdom and understanding. traditional native customs.

Like the sign of Libra, Spirit always sees many sides to a problem, balancing quirky stories from her colorful past with lovely advice on letting loved ones go or taking responsibility for her own life. You always feel with Spirit that he knows more than he lets on, but he understands that giving sound advice means letting people grow on their own with a helpful little nudge.

Despite his friendly and charming manner, Spirit tells Bear that he has suffered a lot in his life, once losing several of his children in a blizzard before being sold to slave traders and forced to fight in a pit. of gladiators. Yet, even with all he’s been through, the Spirit has a naturally laid-back temper and a positive outlook on life. He loves snacking on carbs, whether it’s French Fries, Communion Wafers, Toddler Sonic or an Apple in the Potty. However, sometimes this food ends up being thrown at Bear.