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The Chronicle’s Business of the Month: Let’s Travel 2day helps you travel the world safely and affordably

By Busta Brown

Vacationers have resumed their travel habits, airline profits have increased significantly and travel agencies are becoming popular again. With constantly changing rules and regulations. I asked Let’s Travel 2day owners, Guy and Jacqueline Dorsinville, what’s one of the biggest COVID-related mistakes travelers can avoid this summer?

“Don’t research the cities or countries you are traveling to. COVID rules and regulations change daily, so you need to stay up to date. Another mistake people can avoid is not updating their passport. Please ensure your passport is up to date. Most countries require your passport to be valid for six months from the time you return home.

“It’s not just going to another country, it’s coming back. If your passport is not up to date, they won’t let you back. Some countries do not allow a one-way ticket. If you don’t have a return ticket, they will tell you to go home,” shared Guy and Jacqueline Dorsinville.

Jacqueline added: ‘Make sure you have all your important documents with you when travelling. But before you go sightseeing, lock them in the hotel safe and make copies of these important documents. There are a lot of pickpockets there. When I travel, I take a briefcase and keep it in front of me on my chest. We do a lot of research on countries that have a lot of pickpockets. They share videos showing how easy it is for them to steal documents, money and other valuables from your backpack, pants and wallets.

So what service does Let’s Travel 2day offer to keep its customers informed and protected?

“We have an email system that keeps our customers informed of any changes in rules and regulations before or during their trip. We’ve heard stories of people who have traveled to other states and countries without keeping up to date with their COVID rules and regulations. Some people get tested before leaving the United States, but when they arrive in another country, or sometimes another state, they still have to quarantine in their room for six days due to the requirements.

“We keep our messaging system up to date so that these kinds of errors don’t happen to our customers. Our messaging system also shares the safest places to travel,” Jacqueline said. She added, “We travel to places where a lot of people are afraid to go, because of the horror stories they’ve heard, and also because of COVID. We share our travel experiences on our social media pages and via email to let them know it’s safe to travel and where it’s safe to travel.

The husband and wife business partners love to travel with their three children, so they thoroughly research vacation spots to make sure it’s kid-friendly. “So many parents cannot travel until their children are in school. Thus, we are also looking for museums, historical places and more. We personalize family vacations to make sure the kids will also have fun learning while on vacation, and it’s fun for the whole family. Our family goes to these places before recommending them to our customers,” Jacqueline shared.

I really dig how their research goes beyond the computer.

Let’s Travel 2day offers destination wedding services, excursions, cruises, car rentals, hotel reservations and all the exclusives. Some satisfied customers commented: “Excellent travel agent! We had a wonderful time in Vegas. We have 3 other trips booked with Guy. Without a doubt, the best value for money,” shared Cato Haggerty.

“They booked my cruise and our service was excellent! We didn’t want to get off the cruise ship. I have already booked 3 trips,” shared another satisfied customer.

Guy told the story of a client who overslept and missed her flight to Costa Rica. Their agency stepped in to make sure the client had the best time of her life. “She booked the flight herself and did everything right except she overslept. When she called us for help, we stepped in. We made a call and got her service from concierge, a butler and other great services. She told us she felt like royalty and has been a happy customer ever since,” Guy said.

“Some of our customers have called us when they got lost. We travel often, so we know how to help them navigate almost anywhere,” Jacqueline said.

Their motto is appropriate: “Let’s travel the world with Let’s Travel 2day.”

The 15-year-old married couple love to travel and have 20 years of customer service between them. Jacqueline has spent most of those years in the airline industry, so she is a travel expert. “Guy is the company’s cruise expert,” said Jacqueline.

“Our family and friends have always asked for travel advice and we love helping people, so we decided to start a travel agency, and it’s been doing great,” Guy said.

I asked the couple what are some of the biggest challenges in the travel agent industry? “Competition with large companies. Get people to understand the value of going with smaller agencies. For example, if something goes wrong with one of the big companies, it takes all day to get in touch with someone. Reaching us is very accessible, and our customer service is excellent.

“We had a client who had a difficult experience traveling to Hawaii. We called the airline to get some compensation for his issues, and got him back and forth to Hawaii before I even got a call from the airline. We always take that extra step for our customers. We’re more concerned about you having a great experience on your trip than trying to take your money,” Guy shared.

The Dorsinvilles go the extra mile to support their fellow small businesses as well, collecting items from local businesses and showcasing them to their customers. As a father, I was very impressed and inspired when Guy shared that their 15 year old daughter is part owner of the business. It teaches him about business and helps him lay the foundation for the future. Path to follow!

The Chronicle’s deal of the month is Let’s Travel 2day. Follow them on Facebook @LetsTravel2day.