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    You’ve heard of cheaper flights, you’ve heard of getting cashback — now there’s a service that combines the best of both worlds! Not only can WayAway help travelers find cheap airline tickets easily, but the travel price comparison service also offers cash back on travel purchases.

    Cheap flights with cashback? It’s true! But that’s not all. Far can also save you money on accommodations, car rentals, tours, events, and more. Plus, it features travel content from active travelers around the world and premium customer support. Want to know more about this awesome new service? Let’s dive!

    WayAway Flight Search Page

    Photo credit: WayAway

    How WayAway Works

    here’s how Far offers travelers the best rates on airfare and more.

    Screenshot of flexible tools to find the best WayAway flight

    Use WayAway’s flexible tools to find the best flight for you.

    Photo credit: WayAway

    Flight search and price comparison

    Far works like many flight aggregators to compare prices and find you the best deal, but it’s more comprehensive. It compares prices from all major US airlines as well as global carriers, as well as online travel agencies and even other flight aggregators to save travelers up to 5% on flights. Just follow these easy steps:

    1. Select your destination
    2. Use flexible tools and filters to select dates, layovers, and more.
    3. Buy a ticket
    4. Congratulate yourself for saving money

    Hotel savings

    Not only can Far saves travelers up to 5% on airfares, but can also save users up to 15% on hotel bookings. Simply book a hotel on through WayAway.

    Price alerts

    Far can also keep an eye out for limited-time deals and price drops. Use it to create price alerts that will let you know when the minimum price for your desired destination changes.

    screenshot of San Francisco featured spots on WayAway

    Featured spots in San Francisco

    Photo credit: TravelAwaits

    Get the scoop from the locals

    WayAway also features insightful advice, hidden gems, and top local recommendations, including neighborhoods, restaurants, popular attractions, Instagrammable sights, and more. Browse their travel content to find inspiration for your next vacation.

    WayAway Plus Refund Calculations

    WayAway Plus Refund Calculations

    Photo credit: WayAway

    More benefits with WayAway Plus

    But wait, what about that cashback we talked about? WayAway Plus members get cash back on flights, hotels, car rentals, transfers, attractions, and more.

    Screenshot of the cashback offered on the flight on WayAway

    Earn Cash Back on Flights with WayAway

    Photo credit: WayAway

    Earn cash back on flights, hotels, car rentals, and more.

    Starting at just $49.99 per year, the paid subscription plan gives users access to multiple ways to earn cashback. For less than $5 a month, WayAway Plus members can get cash back on airfare, hotel reservations, rental cars, and other services from well-known brands like Booking. com and Viator.

    Real Cashback

    Receive real money, not points, miles, bitcoins or any other virtual currency kids use these days. Once your trip is complete, the cashback will be in your PayPal account so you can withdraw it at any time.

    WayAway cashback does not expire and there is no limit to the amount you can earn. The more you travel, the more cashback you earn.

    Where does the cashback come from?

    Good question. WayAway was created for travelers by travelers. It offers cashback to users by sharing the commissions it receives from airlines and travel agencies.

    screenshot of WayAway plus benefits

    Earn cash back on hotels and other services with WayAway Plus

    Photo credit: WayAway

    WayAway Plus Refund Rates

    Screenshot of travel expert WayAway

    Travel experts are available to answer travel-related questions 24/7.

    Photo credit: WayAway

    Travel experts

    WayAway Plus members also get access to premium support. Travel experts are ready to answer any travel-related questions anytime, 24/7. Ask these consultants who are available around the clock for everything from advice to recommendations.

    screenshot of accumulated cashback on WayAway mobile app

    WayAway Mobile App

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    Start saving now

    Reliable, simple, supportive and safe, WayAway means more than cheaper travel. Start saving now. Download the WayAway app to Apple Where android.

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