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The Jetson ONE flying electric car is sold out Deliveries will begin later this year

You must have heard of flying car many times. You must have seen their concept models as well. Even flying in the video must have been seen. In such a situation, most people must wonder whether these flying cars will ever be sold or not. So let us tell you that the Swedish electric vehicle startup Jetson has recently started selling its aircraft, i.e. the “Jetson One” flying electric car. Now the company has exhausted all the stock of this flying car. However, the company did not share the figure for the number of flying cars sold. The company will deliver it from next year.

Price around Rs 73 lakh
According to Jetson, a driver’s license is not required to drive this electric car. Anyone can buy it and use it easily. Currently, this car is sold in America. Its price has been kept at $92,000 (about Rs 73 lakh). Let us tell you that Jetson One was launched in October last year.

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Its top speed is 102 km/h.
Jetson One can fly at a maximum speed of 102 km/h. With a single charge, it can fly for about 20 minutes. At the same time, it can fly at a height of 1500 feet from the ground. During the tests, it was able to fly for 20 minutes at its maximum speed with a person weighing 86Kg.

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Motor will continue to fly even if damaged
Demand for this flying car is so high that reservations through 2023 have ended. Now the company reserves for 2024. 8 powerful engines were used in Jetson One. The company claims that even in the event of an engine failure, it will continue to fly due to its design and technology.