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The Key Guys make keys for all kinds of customers in Minneapolis

The Key Guys, based in Minneapolis, MN, manufactures and repairs car keys for all auto-related businesses in the area. Their clientele includes neighborhood gas stations and rental car agencies as well as the general public, and they have consistently demonstrated both their ability in their craft and a high level of customer service.

“If you want to have spare car keys on hand or want to replace a broken set,” the company says, “The Key Guys will provide a quick fix. Whatever reason a customer may need to repair or duplicate their car keys, we can easily manage it at an affordable rate.” Notably, the company’s prices are often much more attractive than what a car owner would see at an official dealership, so that The Key Guys has a reputation for attracting both referrals and repeat customers.

In addition, the company offers an all-inclusive “Come to You” service that effectively allows customers to be handed over the keys on site. The company operates a mobile tool store that they can use to drive directly to the customer whether they are at home, in the office or even stuck on the side of the road due to a faulty key. If there is enough room for the company to park their van nearby, there is enough room for them to work. The Key Guys assures customers that the convenience offered by this mobile service does not come at the expense of fast or affordable service. Car owners can always expect the company to make their car keys quickly with relatively little hassle. Likewise, dealerships and other car-related sites need only contact the company to avail of the same service.

This has proven extremely useful for customers who have been caught in an unfortunate situation or have been pressed for time. Jessica H. sheds light on how quickly the business can be in her 5-star Google review. They say “We broke a key from a Chevy Silverado and had no spare key.” After spending hours trying to program a new key from another vendor, they found that the key unfortunately still did not work. This caused them to continue searching for an answer. “So we called for help and were referred to They told us they were the best around. We called, and within 30 minutes Houdini from The Key Guys came in his van and started the truck with a GM key he made in less than 10 minutes, along with a spare. I really recommend them! The best service around.

The Key Guys recommends that customers take the opportunity to have duplicate car keys made as soon as possible – and certainly before their next planned trip, especially if they expect to travel long distances and away from the access to professional assistance. In the event of an accident or lost keys, having a spare set on hand can eliminate the risk of wasted time or other inconvenience. The company says this precaution has even saved its customers from being locked out of their cars on occasion.

However, some aspects of the company’s services make them invaluable for other reasons. For example, customers whose keys have broken in their car doors or ignition may think they need to hire a towing service because they have no other options. It’s not true at all. In Minneapolis, they can call The Key Guys and request assistance from their mobile key repair service. The company’s locksmiths can extract the damaged key and provide a brand new one in a short time, allowing the car owner to resume their journey immediately. Needless to say, it also saves the customer the cost and hassle of calling a towing service instead.

Minneapolis locksmith is always available to provide assistance 24 hours a day and throughout the week (24/7). Contact details and other information regarding their services can be found on the company’s website, and interested parties are invited to connect with The Key Guys on Facebook. Alternatively, they can check out the company’s blog posts and Youtube videos for additional information.


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