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The war in Ukraine drives up the prices of auto parts in Russia – Kommersant

Auto parts prices in Russia have risen by an average of 31% since Moscow invaded Ukraine, the business daily Kommersant reported on Friday.

Industry experts cite currency volatility, non-transparent pricing and logistical issues for spare parts shortages driving up prices. While some parts were in short supply during the Covid-19 pandemic, EU sanctions and limited supply routes since the invasion began in late February have exacerbated the situation.

Government measures like quasi-legal imports and allowing non-original parts in auto repair insurance calculations has done little to control prices and increase availability, Kommersant reported.

“Overall spare parts inventory is decreasing,” said Alexei Gulyayev, deputy general manager of top Russian dealership Avilon.

“There are enough spare parts in stock for two to four months of work,” Gulyayev told Kommersant.

Between February and the end of April, the prices of bumpers increased by 33%, headlights by 32% and fenders by 31%; doors, hoods and grilles became 30% more expensive, while glasses saw the smallest increase of 26%.

Ford was the uncontrollable leader with an 83% price increase in auto body repair parts, according to Tinkoff Insurance data cited by Kommersant.

Parts for Subaru, Mercedes-Benz and BMW followed with increases of over 40%. At the bottom of the scale, Lexus, Toyota and Hyundai saw increases ranging from 15% to 20%.