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Toyota Innova HyCross premium minivan launch schedule revealed; End of the diesel era

Toyota recently stopped taking reservations of diesel variants of the hugely popular Innova Crysta, which raised a lot of eyebrows. Rumors are spreading that Toyota has discontinued the Innova Crysta, but that’s not entirely true. If reports are to be believed, the Japanese manufacturer is going to launch an upgraded version of the MPV, the new Innova Hycross. The model has already been spied being tested on Indian roads and will have its global unveiling in November 2022.

Following the global unveiling of the new Toyota Innova Hycross in November 2022, the MPV will go on sale in January 2022 in global markets including India. The automaker is currently preparing to launch the new Urban Cruiser Hyryder, which will be launched before the holiday season. Toyota is promoting the Hyryder as the start of the hybrid electric era in India. From the first indications, customers are also considering the Strong Hybrid Hyryder as an alternative to diesel engines. Early bookings of Hyryder and its sibling Grand Vitara indicate strong demand for the strong hybrid variants.

To free up space for production of the new SUV and citing the arrival of the new Innova Hycross next year, Toyota might have stopped making the diesel variants of the Innova Crysta. The petrol version of the Innova Crysta, however, has always only been available for pre-order.

Speaking of the new Toyota Innova Hycross, it will have slightly larger dimensions, a more premium aura and a redesigned exterior and interior compared to the current Innova Crysta. In some markets, the MPV will be known as the Innova Zenix and not the Innova Hycross. Unlike the current Innova Crysta, the new Innova Hycross will ditch the ladder-on-frame chassis for a more modern unibody construction, which should make it a lighter minivan in comparison. It will also come with a front-wheel-drive configuration, unlike the Innova Crysta’s rear-wheel-drive configuration. The new Innova Hycross will share the TNGA-C platform, which also underpins other global Toyota products, including the new Corolla.

Toyota abandons diesel engines

The Toyota Innova Hycross will usher in a new era for Toyota, as the new minivan will completely ditch diesel engines. The new minivan will be available with a petrol hybrid powertrain, much like the upcoming Urban Cruiser Hyryder. However, given the larger size of the Innova Hycross, the engine will be based on a larger 2.0-liter gasoline engine, which will see high localization levels to control production costs.

What about the Innova Crista diesel?

Toyota Innova HyCross launch schedule revealed;  the end of the diesel era has arrived!

Since the current-generation Innova Crysta is still popular among fleet owners, Toyota may resume bookings later. So no, the Innova Crysta diesel can’t go away. However, to justify the high-end positioning of the Innova Hycross, Toyota might limit the availability of the Innova Crysta to lower and mid-range variants. Note that this is our guess, and we have yet to hear officially from Toyota about their plans for the Innova Crystal diesel.