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Try These 3 Secret Tips to Get a Cheaper Car Rental Rate

After being locked up for so long, dozens of people are going on vacation. However, when booking a rental car, many are greeted with the shock of high prices. Like many other things these days, rental cars are expensive. However, there is a remedy for this financial blow. Try these three secret tips to get a cheaper car rental rate.

Try lesser-known aggregator sites to get a cheaper car rental rate

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The first tip for getting a cheaper car rental rate is to try your luck on a lesser-known aggregator site. Often the most expensive rates are those on your car rental company’s website. However, an aggregator site might offer a better deal.

A good one is Costco Travel, which often has lower car rental rates than major online agencies. Another is AAA, which offers special deals for Hertz rentals. However, to access these offers, a membership is required.

If it doesn’t matter which company you rent a vehicle from, consider sites such as Hotwire and Priceline. Both sites offer deep discounts. However, Hotwire and Priceline do not display the name of the rental company until a customer has made a non-refundable purchase, as reported by Travel + Leisure. Another site worth checking out is AutoSlash, which offers the best price by searching through a database of coupons.

Avoid hidden charges on your next car rental

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The second tip to get a cheaper car rental rate is to avoid hidden charges. This includes frequent flyer mile collection fees, satellite radio and a toll transponder. Another is for a GPS navigation system. Instead of paying extra for a GPS navigation system, most people can just use their smartphone.

Also, many car rental companies price their vehicle in unusual ways. This includes additional charges for vehicles rented at the airport, due to additional fees and taxes. To avoid this additional cost, you can rent a car from a location outside the airport.

Avoid paying extra for car insurance

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The third tip for getting a cheaper car rental rate is to avoid paying extra for insurance. In most cases, your personal auto insurance should cover your rental car. Your credit card or travel insurance may also provide coverage.

To avoid paying extra for car insurance, read the fine print of the contract before renting a vehicle. This could result in savings of $15 to $25 per day. Also be sure to bring your proof of insurance. Many car rental companies will ask you for proof of coverage before you can drive the vehicle.

Also, if you don’t have coverage for a rental car with your personal auto insurance, credit card, or travel insurance, then as an alternative, head to a site like Insuremyrentalcar. You can get a stand-alone insurance policy which usually costs much less than what a car rental company will charge you.

If you’re looking to pay less for a rental car, try the three secret tips. Get a cheaper rate by booking a vehicle on a lesser-known aggregator site, avoiding masking fees, and avoiding paying extra for car insurance.

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