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Uber to add flights, trains and car rentals to UK app

Uber plans to add intercity train, bus and car rental reservations to its UK app as early as this summer, with flight reservations and cross-Channel train tickets launching later this year.

The pilot program is part of Uber’s plans to become a “one-stop shop for door-to-door travel.”

Train, bus and plane tickets will be available through partners whose services will be integrated into the application. Uber did not reveal the names of these partners.

Additionally, the company hinted at adding hotels in the future in a statement from Jamie Heywood, Uber’s regional general manager for the UK, Northern and Eastern Europe.

The UK is one of Uber’s biggest markets outside of North America. Uber CEO Dara Khosrowshahi first expressed his desire for a “super app” in 2018, but the pandemic disrupted those plans.

The company noted that the new additions to its app can make “managing a business trip or an airport transfer… a simple and seamless service to meet all travel needs.”

In March, Uber secured a new 30-month renewal license to operate in London. Transport for London (TfL) previously denied the company a renewal license in November 2019. A UK judge later upheld Uber’s appeal and granted it an 18-month license in September 2020.