Car reservation

What’s the best way to read your car’s dashboard

loss board symbols have a specific function and we will tell you What does each mean, so you can be alert if there are warning signs.

Not all cars are the same, neither is the dashboard, but don’t worry, we’ll tell you what that means most important symbol who appear.

If you keep your car well maintained, you don’t have to worry, but you should keep an eye out for the symbols on the dashboard.

On some cars, the symbols on the dashboard light up when you start the car, but go out after a while, indicating that everything is fine.


Let’s start with the tachometer, it is usually located on the left side of the dashboard, it measures engine revolutions per minute (rpm), and consists of the numbers from 0 to 8, which are multiplied by 1000, a number which is also denoted by,

temperature indicator

Immediately we will get the temperature indicator represented by the thermometer, which you can find immediately, because aside On the left is the letter C (cold) and on the right is the letter H (hot),

The needle will mark the temperature level of your car, it is the antifreeze indicator, it is normal that the arrow is in the middle part, because If it turns red, it indicates that the car has overheated.So you have to wait for it to cool down.

Once the engine has cooled down, you should check the antifreeze level, the temperature of the radiator fan, the radiator cap and any antifreeze leaks.

motor or control motor

Its symbol is represented by an engine, if it burns it indicates that You should check the condition of the car, as there are faults that need to be checked immediately,

Since this means that there are serious problems in the engine itself or in the injection and ignition systems.

ABS anti-lock wheel system

with cars ABS brake, They have an indicator on the dashboard, and if the car is moving, it lights up, it means that a fault has been recorded in the brake system, so it must be checked by a specialist.

engine oil

This light is red and should normally be off when the engine is running, but may be when onIndicates low oil pressure more than usual And you have to go to the mechanic’s workshop.

petrol tank

It is important that you pay attention to this sign on the board, As it turns red, it means you only have one reservation, So you should immediately go to the gas station to refuel.

engine oil

On the dashboard it is represented by an oil container, if it lights up when the car is moving it means that the pressure and the oil level are not within the normal parameters, you will therefore have to go to a mechanical workshop to have it checked. ,

Likewise, you should examine it if it turns on intermittently.

battery or accumulator failure

symbolized by A small rectangular stack with + and – signs, The light comes on when you start the car, but it should go out after a few seconds, if not, it means there is a fault in the accumulator so you should check it or if necessary, then change it.

The symbols even indicate whether a door or chest is open. Also, if a passenger or driver has not installed a seat belt light.

These are the main components of the painting and what they represent. Remember to consider every detail in driving your vehicle and keep it in good condition to protect yourself and those around you

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