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Wine survey provides insight into wine consumer behavior

The first Great Big Wine Survey, which was released in 2020, received an overwhelming response from the wine industry. Originally planned as a containment project, it has now become an annual event to compare and track trends, note changes in behavior and measure progress.

Just as the Survey was a project born during lockdown, a new company made the transition, resulting in the launch of Southern Skies Vintelligence. This independent company is dedicated exclusively to serving the consumer research needs of the South African wine industry with agro-economist Pieter van Niekerk appointed to lead this new SA wine intelligence company.
Van Niekerk says the following on information obtained through the Great BIG Wine Survey (GBWS) 2021: “Wine journey describes the length of time consumers have been drinking wine, which helps distinguish drinkers from wine novices from the most experienced Consumers’ stance on wine Travel has been shown to influence buying behavior and preference, which has a direct impact on wine style preference.

Data from the GBWS 2021 showed that greater volumes of wine are purchased by long-term wine drinkers, with consumers who have been drinking wine for more than 10 years buying more wine per month and keeping a larger stock at hand. home. Conversely, new wine drinkers spend the most per bottle for home consumption, with young independent singles spending the most per bottle.”

Accessible to everyone

According to the findings of the first GBWS, wine is considered accessible to everyone, marking a clear break with historical thinking that categorized wine as a more exclusive drink. As consumers progress in their oenological journey, the perception that wine is “for everyone” increases. Price and recommendation are the most powerful drivers, followed by the producer when consumers decide on their purchase.

From a packaging point of view, it is interesting to note that while the standard 750 ml glass bottle remains the preferred packaging for wine consumers, it seems that the openness to other types of packaging is growing. . Boxed bags and cans are now available in premium brands, which has opened up the wine market – another benefit of the pandemic for the industry. Natural cork is still the most preferred seal on a bottle, followed by screw caps, with a preference for alternatives to natural cork over synthetic corks.

As consumer engagement increases, the price paid per bottle also increases, with a higher proportion of wines purchased in the R100+ category. As engagement increases, the volume of wine purchased per month also increases. All of these are positive indicators for the local wine industry.

Survey Results Webinar

All results and information from the 2021 survey will be presented in a webinar hosted by Pieter van Niekerk who will be joined by panelists Peter McAtamney, Founding Director of Wine Business Solutions (WBS) as well as representatives from the leading independent wine agency. Consumer Analytics, KLA, Caitlin Bauristhene (Research Director and KLA Partner) and Josie Matterson (Senior Research Manager).

Hollard Insurance Group is a sponsor of the Great Big Wine Survey 2021. Andries Wiese, Hollard’s Country Business Development Manager, says: “Hollard is delighted to help make this valuable information available to the South African wine industry. Hollard’s investment in the Great BIG Wine Survey demonstrates our continued commitment to business improvement, supported by our overall corporate purpose. to ‘ensure a better future for all'”.

The free webinar, which will take place via Zoom on Thursday, May 12, 2022 from 9-10 a.m., will explore some of the ideas in depth, answer any questions attendees may have, and highlight future plans for the next Great Big Wine Survey. . If you want to participate, register here.