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Without price protection, Kia Carens sees several booking cancellations

The lack of price protection could prove detrimental, especially for price-conscious car buyers in India. Kia Carens could be a victim with several reservation cancellations.

Kia has recently experienced many cancellations of reservations for its Carens minivan. The reason is quite simple. Customers are asked to pay the price at the time of delivery, which Kia says is its policy. However, with a huge price hike between the time of booking and taking delivery, this does not sit well with buyers.

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Kia Carens Reservation Cancellations

Many people who had booked the Carens have taken to social media to express their concerns about Kia’s price hike. Crucial to these messages is the fact that they had booked the Carens with their budgets in mind. Obviously, people plan their vehicles based on how much money they are willing to spend. However, Kia raised prices for the Carens after it passed 50,000 reservations. This is a general practice adopted by car manufacturers where introductory prices are increased after a certain reservation threshold has been reached. But the problem is that customers who had reserved their vehicles at introductory prices must also pay according to the latest prices at the time of delivery.

This, as one might imagine, is a huge problem. Some of these people have rightly raised complaints citing the fact that it is not their fault that the delivery of the vehicle took so long. They had booked the Carens early and the price protection policy must be there. One person quantified it by acknowledging that a hike of Rs 66,000 on a Rs 13 lakh car is unwarranted. Likewise, many other social media users have reported their reservations being canceled due to price hikes of over Rs 1 lakh for many variants. There is about a 5-10% hike through no fault of the person. Naturally people will raise their voices against this and as a result many people have already canceled their reservations.

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Kia Carens Reservation Cancellations

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People expressed their views and reminded Kia that Indians were responsible for making Kia the fastest automaker to reach 3 lakh sales in India. By canceling reservations, they could also reverse this process. We hope that Kia will address this issue in its policy so that the situation does not become so unfair for potential customers.

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